The Resurrection, the rabbit, and Easter dinner

April 14, 2017

Head start on Easter: Lemon icebox pies.

And why is ham traditional in the South for Easter dinner, anyway?

(Answer: Because it’s about the time of year that traditionally, hams which were from pigs slaughtered in the fall and cured over the winter were ready to eat. And now you know.)

I have commenced Easter dinner cookery. Easter is another one of those “all about tradition” holidays. There is not a lot of room for maneuvering in the Chez Keyboard kitchen when it comes to Easter dinner. One MUST have:

  • Ham. In my case, sliced, pre-cooked but warmed nicely with a glaze, Honey Baked ham, because that’s just damn good ham, and will serve me nicely for ham sandwiches for a good while.
  • Deviled eggs. Because, Easter. Eggs. Et cetera.
  • Green peas. Because they’re springy. I’ve bounced among several preps, and just tend toward the simple: steamed, buttered, tarragon.
  • Asparagus. Because it’s the first local fresh green vegetable you can get. Because it’s wonderful. Because Children A and C, who’ll be partaking of Easter dinner, and I can eat our weight in it. I will either roast it, or wrap it in proscuitto and then roast it. And there will be hollandaise.
  • Corn casserole. Frozen corn from last summer, Jiffy cornbread mix, eggs, sour cream, melted butter. Ain’t nothin’ no better.
  • Mac and cheese. Because the carb-loading children require it.
  • Rolls. Specifically, Ms. Mary Lloyd’s rolls. Because it’s a holiday. Because a leftover roll, split, toasted, and filled with ham, is one of the finest leftovers on the face of the planet.
  • Lemon icebox pie. There is some wiggle room on dessert, but I was in the notion for lemon icebox pie, so that’s what we’re having. Because I made them today.

You will see that leaves me with not a great deal of maneuvering room on the menu, because that’s enough food to satisfy several armies. And much of it lends itself to early cookery. So tomorrow, the Easter dinner prep is:

  • Go to the Farmers Market and buy asparagus. And strawberries, because I can. And whatever else looks good.
  • Come back home (after running other errands), and:
    • Make up rolls and par-bake them. They can be finished off Sunday.
    • Devil eggs and stash in fridge.
    • Make up corn casserole and stash in fridge, for baking Sunday.
    • Go by grocery and pick up frozen green peas, because I forgot them today.

Sunday morning, before church:

  • Make mac and cheese, and stash in Instant Pot on “keep warm” function.
  • Prep asparagus.
  • Warm ham with glaze, and leave in oven while I’m at church.
  • Dress AGC in his Easter finery, a blue seersucker (well, YEAH. It’s the South, y’all!) suit, and head out with Easter basket in hand for the church egg hunt and service. We suspect his Easter bunny, whom he has dubbed “Snowball,” will stay home. (The other two AGCs have named their rabbits, respectively, “BunnyBunny” and “Orange Dot.” No, I do not know where those names came from.) (No, they are not live rabbits. They are plush, stuffed and monogrammed bunnies.)

After church:

  • Finish baking rolls.
  • Roast asparagus.
  • Make hollandaisse.
  • Cook peas.
  • Whip cream to top pies.

That’s all that remains between me and the formal welcoming of spring. Well, that and planting six more tomatoes, to replace those who appear to have not made it through the planting season of the first 38 plants. Two more Romas, two red cherries, and two of some other variety. We’ll see. And it would be nice if I could get the rest of the garden planted, since it’s supposed to rain Sunday and Monday.

Looks like it’s a busy day for me tomorrow. If you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em wanted to come help, I would not be opposed.




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