Plantin’ time!

March 27, 2017

Future salads! Keyboard Farms is en route for 2017.

I have a crop!

Or at least the startings of a crop. And I have a garden spot prepared in which to transplant it. If it would ever quit raining and dry out enough for me to get out there in it.

The little seed starter trays above, have in them lettuce, carrots, radishes, cabbages, sweet peas and cucumbers. Don’t ask me which ones are which yet; I don’t remember. I’ll have to wait until they grow enough to see how the leaves shape. They are basking in front of the window in my office that gets a nice degree of sun each afternoon, and it just amuses me to see the little seedlings reaching out of their little homes toward the light. I turned the trays around this afternoon, and I swear within 30 minutes they were shifting direction.

The earliest of the tomatoes, barely showing its leaves.

This? This is a little Roma tomato. It’s taking its sweet easy time sprouting, but that’s OK; if it’s not where I want it to be in a couple of weeks, I’ll set it and its brothers and sisters out in the garden anyway, and maybe get it some older, bigger cousins to accompany it.

The Romas are the early sprouters of the lot; no sign yet from the Big Beefs, the Mortgage Lifters, the Moneymakers, the Sungold, and the red cherry tomatoes, the name of which I forget. We will have no shortage of tomatoes this year at Keyboard Farms, no, we will not.

Because, you see, Keyboard Farms is growing. Thusly.

Back in the back, closest to the fence, there is a space that’s about 40 by about 8 feet. That’s destined to be planted to tomatoes. It should hold a gracious plenty of tomatoes, even as much as I like tomatoes, and as you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em know, that’s a lot. But that should enable me to can all the tomatoes and tomato sauce and tomato relish and salsa and everything else I want to, not to mention eating capreses and bruschetta and all other such fresh tomato delights.

Keyboard Farms, the main plantation.

Up front, there is a 24 x 24 tract that will hold everything other than tomatoes. That means, as well as I can calculate it, that Keyboard Farms will encompass about 900 square feet, in addition to the front flower bed, which is going to become the asparagus/herb/fennel bed.

I have lived in houses that weren’t that big. I’m kinda excited.

Next week, or as soon as I can get in it, I’ll go ahead and set out these little seedlings, as well as sowing the remainder of my lettuce, carrot, and radish seeds, and maybe the remainder of the cucumber and cabbage seeds too. Hopefully, that’ll give me those early yielders over a little longer period of time.

And then I will fence the 24 x 24 plot to keep the damn bunnies out of it. We will not be in the bunny hospitality business here at Keyboard Farms.

It’ll be a couple more weeks before I plant squash and set out the tomatoes and peppers and peas and maybe plant another variety of cucumbers, as well as the watermelons and cantaloupes. Then I’ll come back and plant the green beans and okra after the early yielders are mostly done.

Then we will sit back and wait for harvest. And eat fresh veggies and cornbread. And make kraut.

If you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em expect to partake in some of the Keyboard Farms bounty, I will expect you to come sharecrop. I am filling calendar slots now for people to take a shift hoeing or fertilizing or spraying whatever kind of natural insecticide I can come up with.



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