Yay! It’s spring!

March 20, 2017

Don’t laugh. It stands up on its own.

And my computer is in the shop. You can get a lot done when you are not working for a living, which I could not because I have not been diligent in backing my stuff up to the cloud, else I could use, after a fashion, this little tablet convertible critter that’s my travel machine.

It would be cool but for this truncated keyboard, which makes typing painfully slow.

But today, while I could not work, I played in the dirt. I built a compost bin out of pallets. I pulled up last year’s tomato vines and the cages. Threw the tomato vines in the compost bin. Dumped in my existing barrel of compost that’s been working all winter.

Then I went and got potting soil, and set out to start the seeds ordered a month ago.

Cute little planting trays, with ghosts of salads yet to come.

Lettuce, carrots,, radishes, cucumbers, early spring peas, all in these seed starter trays.

Then five kinds of tomatoes, and two kinds of tomatoes, in these pots.

Tomatoes and peppers.. Tomato sauce on the hoof.

Left for tomorrow are all the herbs, as well as, possibly, squash, melons, beans and fennel. I have pots  and potting mix. What  I may not have is the wherewithal to carry all these babies outside in the sun every day, and bring them in every night for a month. We shall see.

I had lined up a guy to come till up the garden plots but when he got here, he had a tractor. And that was NOT going to go through the six-foot gate to my back yard. So he is coming back Friday, with a tiller. I will be happy to get the plots tilled up, even happier to get Keyboard Farms all planted and laid by.

We are going to have serious tomato-canning and pepper-pickling and good eating going on here, yes, we will.

You ‘n y’mama ‘en ’em want to sharecrop, come on. I ought to have seedlings to share, and crops, too, come midsummer.


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