Along for the ride

March 15, 2017

Ready to go for their swim: Corned beef, left, and pork loin.

One of the fine things about cooking sous vide is that you can cook completely unrelated things together-but-separately, encased in their own little plastic vacuum sealed pouches (or zip-lock freezer bags), burbling along in the water.

I did that earlier this week with corned beef and a pork loin, being that they needed to get about the same temp. The corned beef went for a good while longer, but I cooked the pork loin for about 8 hours and then filched it out of the bath. The corned beef went for another 36 hours, roughly. They’re both reposing in the fridge as we speak.

You should understand that I had the chunk of pork loin because it was half a loin roast I’d picked up at Aldi t’other day. One half of it went into a brine after the corned beef came out, and is destined to become Canadian bacon (if I don’t forget it in the fridge like I did the last time I tried that…). Had to do something with the other half, so I patted it down nicely with a barbecue rub. (What’s This seasoning, made right down the road in Newport, Arkansas, and you can order it here. I used the all-purpose, which I keep on hand all the time.) It went into a separate bag, and it and the corned beef went for their spa treatment in the SV.

I contemplated having a slice of it tonight for dinner, with a baked sweet potato, but I’d been thinking Mexican all day, and had one more package of tamales in the freezer, so I went with tamales and chili. Must make another run to Helena and pick up more tamales.

You’ve got to love the Delta. Italians cooking and selling tamales. See details about Pasquale’s, here. Love me some Delta tamales. Allegedly the Lost Pizza franchise here has tamales they get shipped in from Greenville, contended by some to be the Tamale Capital of the World (I would challenge that; I’m fond of Clarksdale tamales at Larry’s or Abe’s, myself). I’ve got to remember to try those, and now that I’m out of Pasquale’s, next tamale jones may find me there.

So I still have the pork loin in the fridge. I’m headed out of town in the morning, to visit a friend, and I may just take it with me.  When I get back Friday, there’s corned beef for when the Memphis Guinea Pig arrives that evening to visit for St. Paddy’s weekend (bringing beer!), and I have promised him steak for Saturday (also from the SV, before searing on the grill), so that relegates pork loin to Sunday, if then.

Because, remember, we have, or should have by then, Canadian bacon for breakfast, which will more likely wind up being brunch, one day as well. And since there’s corned beef, well, there must be corned beef hash!

A surfeit of goodies. You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em really need you a sous vide. I promise you do.




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