Feeling all fruity

March 12, 2017

Fresh pineapple in between the yogurt and the granola.

I think it’s my fault it snowed.

Y’see, how it was, was, I was feeling all springy and such, and I indulged in fruit. Lots of fruit the past week or 10 days. Strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, pears, watermelon. I even toyed with the idea of adding some small watermelons and some canteloupes to my garden plan.

And Mother Nature said, “Uh, uh, no you don’t! Don’t you even start thinking about spring and such!” And that bitch dumped four inches of snow on us yesterday afternoon and last night. On the very day, in fact, that I was supposed to go to Lowe’s and pick up my order of bagged compost, fence stuff, and other assorted garden-y things.

Pffth. I just hope it didn’t get the early peaches.

Anyway. I’m enjoying fruit, whatever the weather is. I made yogurt the other day, and granola, and I’ve had that with both pineapple and with strawberries. Good breakfast fare, that; it’ll stay with you for a while.

“Watermelon,” AGC exclaimed in delight when he saw it

I’ve only cut one of the Sugar Baby watermelons; the other is sitting on the counter waiting its turn. Figure I can only eat so much fruit in a day, and I LOTS of berries to get through. Still about a third of a pineapple left, too; I’d forgotten that was in there until I was filtering through the fridge.

These strawberries, though. I saw them at Sam’s, and they were so pretty I had to have some (along with a carton of blueberries I haven’t gotten into yet; they’re destined for blueberry muffins, as well as for yogurt, later this week). Got them home and began rearranging the fridge to make room, only to find that, oops, I’d bought a carton of strawberries the week before and forgotten about them. Amazingly, they were still in good shape. So I capped and quartered the whole bunch, and stuck them in the fridge to macerate in some sugar and white balsamic vinegar, and I’ve breakfasted off them once and desserted off them once since then.

Today’s dessert was, in fact, pretty good. I had coconut cake in the fridge, but that wasn’t what I wanted; I wanted something cheesy, with strawberries. I’d put some yogurt in some heavy cream and set it on the counter overnight to thicken up as creme fraiche, but for some reason, it didn’t.

H’mm. I thought. So I spooned some fresh ricotta I’d made yesterday into a dish; topped it with berries and lots of juice; then took the immersion blender with its whisk attachment to the still-liquid cream. Added a tablespoon or so of sugar to it, and started blitzing it. Wasn’t sure if it’d still whip, with the yogurt in it, but it did, albeit not as stiffly as regular cream would have. Still, it sufficed as a topping over the ricotta and berries.

Dairy-centric strawberries for dessert.

While not low-fat, this was a good dessert. You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em ought to try it sometime, especially as easy as ricotta is to make. My intention is to sometime during strawberry season, go the Bulldog one better by subbing the ricotta for ice cream, and putting the whole mess on a big round wafer of shortbread, aka my grandmother’s tea cake recipe. I just think that would be pretty excellent, not to mention making a quite lovely dessert presentation.

Y’all hang with me, here. We’ll enjoy some lovely fruity things as spring approaches.



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