Pricier and pricier

March 1, 2017

Well, it's a start! More to come...

Well, it’s a start! More to come…

Why is it the things I start out wanting to do always wind up costing me four times as much when I get going on doing them?

Like the garden project. I suspect when I get through having the garden plots tilled up, buying compost, buying potting soil for starting my seeds I’ve already got in my trays I’ve already got, buying fertilizer, fencing the plots so the damn rabbits don’t eat the whole crop, I could probably have bought the damn produce at the farmers market.

But no doubt it would not have tasted as good.

And some of the bigger-ticket items are one-time purchases.

Like a damn grow light.

How it was, was, like this. I had decided I would start a lot of my plants from seed, so I ordered a boat-load of seeds, plus a couple of seed-starter trays, from Pine Tree Garden seeds (they came highly recommended by gardening friends, and they’re much cheaper than Burpee). My plan was to put them on a table that sits in front of the big picture window in my office, and both get a jump on the garden and have carefully nurtured, heirloom seedlings to set out in six weeks.

However. That window faces north. My house has eaves that are three feet wide. As I have spent all day for the last three days nailed to my desk in there working, I have paid some attention to the illumination.

That table doesn’t get enough direct sun.

So off to Amazon (God HELP me, but I love me some Amazon!) to look at grow lights. And giggle, thinking about the last time I owned a grow light.  About 40 years ago. Y’understand.

But I digress. I COULD wait and just plant the seeds outside, early April. We’re not actually predicted to get any more frost this spring, but we’ll have some nights in the 30s, and that’ll slow down seed germination. Plus, I need seedlings for herbs and tomatoes, at the very minimum; I may sow my carrots and lettuce and radishes directly in the garden plots, but I like the idea of the other stuff getting a jump on the season.

S0 I’m ordering a grow light. It’ll cover about a 36 x 48 space, so it’ll accommodate both starter trays as well as some three-inch peat pots; I’ll likely put herbs and tomatoes in the peat pots so the whole thing can be transplanted to the garden in early-to-mid April. Cabbages and early peas will go in the starter trays, probably peppers as well.

Hopefully will get light here and seeds started early next week. Of course, I also have to get someone over here to get the garden tilled up, get some compost tilled in, get some straw spread over it, and let it sit for a few weeks before we’re ready to plant. Should get that done next week as well.

Oh. Yeah. I’m only home for two and a half days next week. Well, they’ll be busy days.

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