Watch out for hearts and arrows!

February 13, 2017

Not the prettiest in the world, but awfully tasty.

Not the prettiest in the world, but awfully tasty.

There’s this little naked, blonde, curly-haired dude flitting about, armed with a bow and arrow. Oh, and he’s got wings. Watch out for him; I understand the arrows can carry significant consequences.

Or, unless you’ve been under a rock and not entered a big-box store since Christmas, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Now, since I have not had a Valentine love interest in a number of years (since 2010, to be precise, well, except for Lucy), the holiday doesn’t mean a great deal to me.  But I was grocery shopping in Kroger t’other day, and having to wend my way through all the flower and candy displays set up in front of the produce department, and I saw chocolate covered strawberries.

I gravitated toward them immediately. I’ve loved chocolate covered strawberries ever since we used to stand in line to get them at Dinstuhl’s, the iconic Memphis candy kitchen/store, where they always served as a sort of herald of spring. Shipping and forced ripening and such have widened both the season for the berries, and the availability of the dipped varieties; every cupcake shop and every grocery with a produce market and a deli is offering them now. I picked up a box of a dozen, looked at the price, and put them down. Didn’t want them $16.95 a dozen worth.

Instead, I picked up a quart of berries for $2.50, and wandered around to the baking aisle and got some melting chocolate for something under $3. For a little more than five bucks, I reasoned, I could come home and make my own. They wouldn’t be as pretty as the ones at the store, but given I was pretty certain the store was using the same berries and same chocolate, they ought to taste about the same.

A quart of strawberries has about 30 berries in it. I used half the chocolate. The sanding sugar I had left over from Christmas.

Made them Saturday night and put them in the fridge. Pulled them out for dessert after Sunday dinner. There are now five of them left in a bag in the refrigerator, and those may be my lunch today.

One note of warning. I just put mine on a dinner plate. Next time, I’ll put them on a parchment paper covered cookie sheet, so I can peel the parchment away after they harden. I had some naked spots where the chocolate stuck to the plate instead of to the berry.

If you or y’mama ‘n’em get shot by the little blonde curly-haired dude flying around, I’m told these are about the only treatment. And if you make your own, they’re a lot cheaper than roses.




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