Thinking spring

February 2, 2017

Wishful thinking. Oh, that I could have a garden like this!

Wishful thinking. Oh, that I could have a garden like this!

I guess it’s the positively balmy weather we’ve been experiencing of late that’s got me thinking about gardening. It was nearly 70 yesterday, and sunny; sunny and 50s today, supposed to be a high of 45 tomorrow. Perhaps the best time to think about gardening is when it’s cold and rainy, but when the weather gets pretty, I start thinking about getting my hands in the dirt.

You may recall that, last year, I broke my leg about the time the tomatoes started bearing, and consequently didn’t get a really good crop. I did wind up with enough Romas and cherry tomatoes to make small batches of sauce a couple of times.  This year, I have bigger and better plans.

Those plans include, in a couple of weeks, getting someone out to till in last year’s tomato vines and break up a larger patch for a main garden, till in compost on all those spots as well as the front flower bed, soon to become the herb bed, and put straw over all of them. Then in a couple of months, they can come back, till it all up again, and I can start planting.

Meanwhile, I’ve ordered a whole garden’s worth of seeds, as well as some potting trays to get them started in. I’m fortunate to have a big west-facing picture window  that gets good sun for several hours a day, and a table in front of it; that table is getting cleared off and the 2017 crop started on top of it.

What all are we planting, you ask?

Four, no, FIVE kinds of tomatoes. (Two slicers/process tomatoes, one hybrid and one heirloom; Romas for sauce; yellow and red cherry tomatoes for  dehydrating and freezing, for putting in salads, and for eating out of hand.) Four kinds of peppers, mostly for dicing and freezing, though some will be pickled. Lettuce and cucumbers, because lettuce and cucumbers. Hopefully enough cucumbers there’ll be some to pickle. Yellow and zucchini squash. Green peas, and green beans. Cabbage, for sauerkraut. Green onions. Fennel. Asparagus And, oh, hell, I forgot okra. How can one forget okra? May add some lima beans as well. And radishes. Must have radishes.

I chose not to plant corn because it’s just a space issue. I can buy corn enough to freeze. Thought about eggplant, but I can buy no more eggplant than I eat.

This will, you understand, necessitate buying and putting up fencing to keep the damn rabbits out. Green beans, lettuce, peas, radishes? Might as well have a rabbit buffet. No, thank you, not today. No damn bunnies eating my green beans this year.

The front flower bed will be the herb garden, and we will hope it will propagate itself. I ordered, oh, let’s see….basil (two kinds, Italian and Thai), cilantro, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, marjoram, tarragon, chives, dill, mint. Probably more, but I can’t remember.  I was originally thinking of putting the asparagus there as well, but I think I may make a separate raised bed in the back for it. It’ll be three years, starting it from seed, before I can harvest, but hey, a gal’s reach should exceed her grasp, yes?

So, soon, there must be a trip to Lowe’s to get compost and straw. A later trip will suffice for fencing and such. I’m thinking of ground cloth to keep the weeds down.

This goes well, we may think in terms of adding some blueberry bushes next year. Edible landscaping, don’t’cha know.

You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em want to come sharecrop here at Keyboard Farms?



2 Responses to “Thinking spring”

  1. carolee Says:

    Real tarragon for cooking, the French tarragon, does not grow from seed. Tarragon seeds are Russian tarragon, a 5-6′ rampant weed that will self-seed throughout the entire neighborhood, root underground, and has little if any flavor. Beware!

  2. kayatthekeyboard Says:

    What I’ve ordered is Mexican tarragon. It’s the same as what I’ve bought as a seedling the last couple of years, though it’s sometimes difficult to find. Have planted it in a pot, previously, but we shall see how this goes.

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