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January 22, 2017

Beeswrap. This may be a cool thing; I have not made up my mind.

Beeswrap. This may be a cool thing; I have not made up my mind.

There’s been some cooking going on, but it hasn’t been anything particularly unusual. But looking at my photos for the past week, there have been a few things here and there that haven’t made it into posts, so we’ll just corral them here.

First, the above. This stuff interests me. It is beeswax-impregnated cotton cloth, designed to serve as a substitute for plastic wrap in your kitchen when it comes to covering containers, etc. It’s from a place called Mighty Nest, to which one can procure a $10 a month subscription that nets you a kitchen or home-related goodie aimed at making your life and home more sustainable and cutting your landfill footprint.

Having raised three children in disposable diapers, I figure I’m in red landfill ink for the rest of my natural life, so I’m good with anything I can do to cut my use of things that go in the trash. My first monthly subscription goodie, or “fix,” was a package of three wool felt dryer balls, which will sub for dryer sheets. I like them, and I’m good with doing away with dryer sheets. This month, it was Bees’ Wrap.

The heat from one’s hands is supposed to make the beeswax malleable, so you can shape it over a dish and provide a good seal. However, it does not take into account an individual whose hands often are cold as a wedge. I guess I’ll have to take to washing my hands in hot water before I use it. But I think it has potential. I used it to cover a bowl of proofing bread dough.

(I did bake said bread, a honey buttermilk loaf. Two of ’em, in fact. Haven’t sliced it yet. Need to do that.)

Now I’m wondering what will be next. This is kinda fun.


Succeeding slices were nuttier.

Succeeding slices were nuttier.

Here’s another version of that Buttermilk Quick Bread recipe of which I’m so enamoured. It’s a berry-walnut loaf; a cup of mixed, dried fruit (cherries, blueberries, cranberries) and a cup of walnut pieces. Yes, that’s a lot of nuts for a loaf of bread. I like nuts. Nothing succeeds like excess. I’ve been enjoying it toasted in the mornings. However, I think for a fruited bread, I’d prefer just a tad more sugar than the half-cup the recipe calls for and I used. Not a lot — maybe another quarter-cup. Just enough to make the sweet taste a little more pronounced.

This is a really, really good quickbread recipe. (Here’s the link, if you didn’t save it last time.) I love it with the sugar cut to 1/4 cup and baked really full of chopped, crispy bacon and grated Cheddar.  The fruit/walnut is the first sweet version I’ve tried.

On the baking horizon this week, maybe (as I have a busy week coming):

  • Buckwheat popovers, from the NYT cooking site. I got into Dutch baby pancakes for a while, and these are just smaller Dutch babies.
  • Toll House cookies. Because I have had a bag of chocolate chips sitting on my counter since before Christmas, and I’m about to be in the mood.

Elsewhere in the wider world, I roasted a chicken today, as I had several in the freezer and we hadn’t had chicken in a while. He was a small bird, and there were three of us. I have enough white meat left to make maybe a small dish of chicken salad, and enough dark meat for a meal of something else. Curry, maybe. The carcass is in the Instant Pot making stock as we speak. Not tomorrow, though, because I have a head of cauliflower I found in the fridge and a recipe I found in the NYT for a roasted cauliflower with cheese and an anchovy-caper sauce that sounds To Die For, and I plan to make it. Other than that, there may not be a great deal of cooking and I may make do with sandwiches for the rest of the week and make use of that bread.

You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em send me all sorts of good thoughts and positive energy that I can get myself in gear and get all this work turned out this week, OK?



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