Thanksgiving in the books

December 6, 2016

Thanksgiving dessert 1: Coconut cake.

Thanksgiving dessert 1: Coconut cake.

We had Thanksgiving dinner. It was good.

We also had the Christmas Crud From Hell. Still have it, in point of fact. It came to visit on Tuesday before Thanksgiving and has hung on, stubbornly, through mass quantities of over-the-counter meds, two doctor visits, a shot and four prescriptions. Said crud being why there were no runup-to-Thanksgiving posts, because by the time I cooked stuff, I was wiped out and didn’t feel like posting it.

However, the early prep did pay off — well, that and the fact that for the first time in ever, I didn’t make eleventy-jillion side dishes, meaning  day-of prep was really pretty easy, especially since I had a relapse the day after and have felt like hell since, to the extent of not cooking more than what it took to keep myself alive.

Himself the massive bird roasted up beautifully. We ate perhaps a quarter of him, along with mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, dressing, Brussels sprouts, cranberry salad, gravy and rolls. And that was it. I halved the Brussels sprouts, tossed them with olive oil, salted and peppered them, and roasted them; hit them with a shot of balsamic glaze, and called that done. Mashed potatoes were mashed potatoes, and they were good. I have determined that Yukon Golds make the best potatoes for almost anything, up to and including mashed potatoes.

I took half the breast out whole, vacuum packed it and froze it; it’ll reappear at Christmas. The rest served for turkey sandwiches a time or two. The carcass went in the freezer, from whence I hauled it out and made a pot of turkey noodle soup we did not touch. The legs and wings are still reposing in the fridge against the day I use them to make chicken rillettes, or the day I chunk them out, whichever comes first (odds of the second are growing daily).

Thanksgiving dessert 2: Peanut butter cup cheesecake.

Thanksgiving dessert 2: Peanut butter cup cheesecake.

Dessert was a coconut cake and a peanut butter cheesecake. Both were excellent. The cake was my standard with the sour cream frosting, which I’ve detailed on here before, and the recipe was my mother’s “standard butter cake,” which was the one SHE always used when she made fresh coconut cake. That recipe was included in the recent “My Mama’s Recipe Box” post. One caveat: it was a little skimpy. Next time, I will go up to two cups on the flour, and a full cup on the milk, for which I subbed coconut milk.

No photos of dinner; y’all have seen all that stuff before. I included the desserts just to give some visual interest.

You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em bear with me. I’ll get back in the kitchen before too long. There’s Christmas goodies and such to make, if I ever get well enough to make them. And there is a Christmas dinner to be planned. And there might be a new special Christmas goodie out there somewhere!



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