Those damn stealth holidays

November 16, 2016

turkey3-2016Eeeekk! Thanksgiving is next week!

I’m not sure why it snuck up on me so badly this year. It may possibly be because we’re still having temps in the 70s and have had no more than a light frost so far this fall, or what passes for fall. Normally by this time I would have my menu all planned, and maybe even some early grocery shopping and prep work done.

There will be a few changes this year. We’re moving Thanksgiving dinner to Friday, as Child B and family will be able to come, for the first time in ages, so I’ll have everybody here. (Double eeeekkk. Got to houseclean this weekend!) Also hoping the girls’ godmother can come over. I think dinner will be late afternoon/early evening, which is good.

The menu will be traditional. Turkey, dressing, cranberry salad, sweet potato casserole. Mashed potatoes for SIL 2. Green things for Child B and her fam — maybe a salad, some asparagus and/or some broccoli, with some Hollandaise. Rolls, of course. Would do a corn pudding, but we don’t really need that with sweet and mashed potatoes, I don’t guess. I have gravlax for an app. Will very possibly make a coconut cake for dessert; had thought about a peanut butter cheesecake in honor of SIL1, and I may do that, too; could make it in the little springform pan, in the IP.

Advance work: We’re having T’giving potluck at church Sunday, so I think I’ll just make a big honkin’ batch of cranberry salad to have some to take to that and some for here.  Will have to ponder whether I can do the same for sweet potatoes, but I think I can; I could, I suppose, get them ready to bake, and then freeze them if I decided a week is too long to hold.

Am ordering my dressing this year (must do that today). There’s a local restaurant that makes excellent dressing; mine is hit or miss, and I really don’t want this to be a “miss” year. Mine would be cheaper, but theirs will be better. I can pay for better.

Himself the turkey will be arriving either Saturday or Monday, which is fine. He is a fresh one, and he can repose in the fridge until it’s time to stick him in the brine probably Wednesday. He is also likely to be a big one, better than 20 pounds. He is the smaller of the two birds they’re delivering in my area; his big brother is going to be better than 30 pounds. I don’t know that a 30-pound bird would fit in my oven.

Dinner will be around 5.  Will get up and put bird in to roast about 9 a.m. Sweet potatoes and dressing ready to go in oven when bird comes out. While they’re cooking, I can cook asparagus, green beans, make the mashed potatoes. May par-bake rolls on Thursday, so they can run back in the oven for just about 10 minutes right before we eat.  Will make desserts on Tuesday or Wednesday; they can repose in the fridge.

Will have a tray of gravlax, cheeses, pickles, olives, etc., out for munching prior to dinner. Maybe some white wine or Prosecco with that. Need to pick up a nice pinot noir to go with dinner.

Should be a fairly calm Thanksgiving, but for the chaos created by three daughters and three grandchildren cavorting about. That’s the fun kind of chaos. It’ll be sheer exhaustion when we’re done, but that’s the good kind of exhaustion, too.

Should you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em wish to drop by, we’d be thrilled to have you. I can pretty safely say you won’t go away hungry.



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