Shoulda, woulda, coulda

November 15, 2016

Looked better than it tasted; method is excellent, seasoning needed work.

Looked better than it tasted; method is excellent, seasoning needed work.

Well, it SHOULD have been good.

My day having been turned crossways by the need to go fetch the sick grandchild, I didn’t get around to thinking about dinner until late. And I had this chicken…

About a third of a roast chicken, actually, the rest of him having given up most of his breast meat for previous meals, that needed to be used. And it’s getting cool at night, which means, of course, it’s soup weather. And if you think of chicken, and soup, your next logical progression is chicken noodle soup.

Colander is a perfect fit for making stock in the IP.

Colander is a perfect fit for making stock in the IP.

I got out the handy Instant Pot, discovered in a flash of serendipity that my little colander from my new set of mixing bowls would fit in it perfectly. Plus it has little handles that will let you fish it out of a pot. Voila! I set it down inside the Instant Pot, arranged the remains of the bird in it, added water, and set it to pressure cook for 15 minutes, during which time I chopped up an onion and three lonely carrots I unearthed in the fridge.

Fished out the colander with the chicken, and added the onion and carrots to the remaining stock, which was about eight cups’ worth. Pressure cooked THOSE for 10 minutes, while I pulled chicken off the bone and chopped it up.

Step 3, I added the chicken (about 3 cups), eight ounces of egg noodles, and some cumin, coriander and cinnamon for what I hoped would be a Middle Eastern flavor profile. Back on to the soup setting for four minutes (per a suggestion I found online for cooking pasta in the IP).

The good: The texture and doneness of both the chicken and the noodles were perfect. Noodles were cooked nice and soft, but not falling apart. Chicken was meltingly tender (well, I mean, it was cooked already when I started, so it should have been!), but retained some substance and wasn’t mushy.

The bad: The flavor profile just didn’t work. I would have been much better served to have stuck with old-fashioned salt and pepper, and I will next time.

And there will be a next time, as this will be the next attempt I make the next time I’ve roasted a chicken and have part of it left over.

And as it makes a gracious plenty of soup, you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em will be most welcome to come eat with us.




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