Still souping

October 26, 2016

Disclaimer. Photo from the Epicurious recipe I riffed off of. Looks pretty close.

Disclaimer. Photo from the Epicurious recipe I riffed off of. Looks pretty close.

I’m going to have to stop making soup. At present, I have on hand:

  1. The remains of the posole from last week.
  2. The remains of the beef stew from Monday.
  3. The big honkin’ pot of shrimp bisque I made last night and then didn’t want to eat dinner.

Got to quit. Not to mention it got hot again; 80 today.

The shrimp bisque came about because I still had shrimp left from the carryouts from the shrimp boil Saturday, and I needed to use them. Thought about shrimp and grits, but decided I’d do a bisque instead. I went roughly by this recipe, except where I didn’t.

First, I cut the proportions of the recipe by a third, because I had not quite a pound of shrimp. Second, those shrimp were cooked. So I peeled them and used the shells (along with that good Cajun seasoning) to make the stock, and chopped up the shrimp to add at the last minute so they wouldn’t get overcooked. Second, I wanted it a bit creamier than it sounded like it was going to be, so I replaced some of the stock with about a cup of half and half.

Third, I had fresh corn. Fresh is probably a misnomer; I bought it on a whim at the grocery the other day, and it had probably been an extended time since it had had an intimate acquaintance with a cornstalk. But it was corn, nevertheless.  I had four small ears; I put about 2/3 of the kernels into the soup proper, from where they got all pureed up with the carrots and onions and such, and saved about 1/3; those got a quick nuke with some water, and got tossed into the bisque at the last minute, along with the chopped shrimp, to add some textural contrast.

Fourth, I added a little tarragon, because both shrimp and corn love them some tarragon.

While I didn’t eat the bisque, I did taste it, and it tasted quite good.  Should warm up well; I’ll have some for lunch tomorrow.

One of the neat things about this recipe that fell into the “H’mm; who’da thunk of that?” category was adding 1/4 cup of raw rice to the soup as it simmered. (It called for long-grain white; I didn’t have long-grain white, but I did have some arborio, and figured that would do.) The rice gets pureed and adds to both the thickness and the creaminess of the soup.

It gets finished off by adding heavy cream, the shrimp, and the corn kernels.

The leftover beef stew will go to church tonight for the soup potluck, for which I’ve also made foccacia and zucchini bread for dessert.

All the posole has been frozen except for about one serving, which needs to be eaten.

You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em hungry for soup?



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