International soup

October 23, 2016

Tom yum soup with a poached egg -- tom yummy!

Tom yum soup with a poached egg — tom yummy!

I made my trip to the international market pay off with some soup the other day,  when I’d neglected to eat lunch until it was almost time to get ready to go to an early evening meeting.

Not wanting to deal with a growling stomach during said meeting, I decided to make a quick soup.

I had rice noodles; I had tom yum (hot and sour) paste; I had dried shiitake mushrooms. That’d work.

I boiled the rice noodles for just a couple of minutes, then drained them and rinsed in hot water, then dumped them in a bowl. More water in the pot, and in went a handful of dried shiitakes and four tablespoons of tom yum paste. Boiled THAT for another two of three minutes, and cracked an egg into the pot so it could poach. Gave that three minutes, and then gently poured it over the noodles.

Good stuff. I’ll do that again. Would have been even better had I cubed up some of the tofu I got to make ma po tofu, which I will attempt sometime next week, maybe. But I have lots of tom yum paste, and tofu is easy to get.

Asian noodle soups are great lunch dishes — quick, healthy, tasty. Probably full of every chemical known to modern man, but, oh, well. I have on hand the stuff to make pho and miso soups. (Now, if I could just master a good tom yum soup, I’d call myself successful.) I learned to eat miso soup with noodles and a poached egg for breakfast when I was in Japan, and I found that pretty good.

Speaking of eggs, my egg lady’s chickens apparently have gone on strike. I had to buy grocery store eggs this morning, which is NOT my preference. Granted, finding eggs at Aldi (can I just say I love that store, regardless of my fondness for my mega-Kroger) for 48 cents a dozen assuaged that hurt a bit. But I still have the international market quail eggs I need to boil today so I can make Scotch eggs, too. Some of those eggs will just go back in the fridge in the shell against the day I want to peel a couple, halve them, and drop them in a soup.

So if you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em get hungry for some soup, come on up. I’ll stir you one up in a hurry.



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