Just one or two things…

October 18, 2016

Who, me? Too much condiment shopping? Nahhhhh....

Who, me? Too much condiment shopping? Nahhhhh….

That was all I was going to get at the international market in Memphis, on my way back from Jackson and delivering two monkey children, aka Amazing Grandchildren 1 and 3, back to their mama, who had been out of town.

Which is why, as a matter of fact, I haven’t been cooking, or, to tell the truth, eating any heckuva lot for the past few days. Since Thursday, I’ve spent 19 hours in the car and the rest of the time doing what I was told by two preschoolers. Well, except for two superb concerts in between. And not a lot of sleep.

But they’re such CUTE little critters!

Cutest little fox ever!

Cutest little fox ever!

Cherry blossom princess.

Cherry blossom princess.

And we had a big time, particularly visiting the Parker Pioneer Homestead fall festival, where we had much fun learning to churn butter, as well as numerous other adventures. And getting faces painted.

Anyway. I had arranged with their mama, Child B, to meet her at the Chick Fil A in Jackson, so the kids could play for a bit and work out some road kinks before settling in for the rest of the trip home. (Where, btw, I confirmed my opinion that Chick Fil A food is horrible, and even their lemonade, which I generally love, wasn’t good.) Decided, en route home, I would stop by the international market out on the east side of Memphis, which is a good hour and a half from home, and pick up some stuff I just can’t get a Kroger.

Specifically, I wanted quail eggs, which I will boil tomorrow and make some Scotch eggs, because I have in the freezer a pound of good farm-made country sausage. The rest will go in the fridge in their shells against the next time I make any variety of Asian noodles, which shouldn’t be long, as I picked up both udon and soba noodles at the market. And I knew I was low on mirin.

I walked out with a dozen bags, and $96 poorer. But their produce is such a stunning array, and at such good prices. A bag of Key limes, $1.99. Five lemons for $1.99, 15 limes for $1.99. Ginger root $1.99 a pound (I pay $4.99 at Kroger). Pomegranates. Dried shiitakes.  Assorted vinegars, mirn, tamari, soy sauce, sesame oil, much of which I can get at the grocery but it’s half the price here. Mung beans I plan to try my hand at sprouting. Pigeon peas. A quart jar of ghee.  Tofu and the sauce to make mapo tofu, which I have never done but want to.

We have a new Asian market in Jonesboro (along with a quite respectable Latino market), where I stopped off the other day and picked up a few things. I think they’re eventually going to be a good source, but they’re still building up their stock and the shelves are a bit bare. I did wind up doubling up on some purchases at the international market, as a result of which I now have enough soy sauce, tamari and sesame oil to last me the rest of my natural life.

We will be cooking lots of Asian stuff here at Chez Brockwell, yes, we will. But we’ve got lots of other stuff in the hopper before that starts. Going to make some posole tomorrow for soup supper at church, got veggies that need to be cooked, got other goodies in store, and found a new bread recipe I’m dying to try.

You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em come on up and get in the kitchen with me. After tomorrow. Tomorrow (other than making posole) is vacation day. I’m going to get my nails done, get a massage, drink a bottle of wine and go to bed.



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