Football and cheese on a fall Saturday

October 1, 2016

A hybrid sort of a quiche. Good, too.

A hybrid sort of a quiche. Good, too.

I have been alternately watching football and baseball, having heart attacks, and grating cheese today. Because it’s been that kind of a day.

To date, the heart attack total stands at two; one for the late-inning comeback by the Cardinals, precipitating a last-game-of-the-season, all-the-marbles contest tomorrow afternoon, and one — well, actually, that might have been two — during the last 15 seconds of the Tennessee-Georgia game, when the lead changed hands twice.

Arkansas, at least, had a predictable romp over Alcorn State, and my Memphis State Tigers are currently a TD down to Ole Miss. But there is lasagna, and quiche, and I have had a successful first day of October Unprocessed.

Well, mostly. I wasn’t thinking about October Unprocessed when I woke up at 1 a.m. and ate the cookies. FYI, if you have an Aldi in your ‘hood, they make a cookie that bears a striking resemblance to Girl Scout Samoas, aka crack. At $1.79 a package, vs. the Girl Scouts’ $4. I regret the day I ever found that out. But they are gone, and won’t tempt me any more unless I buy more.

Upside down quiche. Not real sure why it's turned that way.

Upside down quiche. Not real sure why it’s turned that way.

In any event, the cookies are gone, and I’m back to unprocessed. Today for breakfast, I had yogurt and granola, both homemade; for lunch, a quiche and a slice of toasted homemade bread; and for dinner, lasagna with homemade tomato sauce.

I have decreed cheese exempt from Unprocessed requirements for the month. And, hell, I even made some of the cheese. And grated up more than a pound more.

Some posts on the eGullet forum got me to thinking about quiche last night. Actually, I was thinking more in terms of a Spanish tortilla, a potato pie in which the potato slices and onion are bound together with beaten eggs, but I wound up with a sort of a hybrid.

I’d had a good chunk of aged gruyere in the cheese drawer against the day I got in quiche mode, so I grabbed it out and grated up about half of it. I peeled and shredded three medium Yukon Gold potatoes and half an onion; that went in the bottom of my deep dish pie plate. Then I chopped up about a half cup of Black Forest ham I’d gotten the other day at the grocery, and scattered that atop the potatoes. Cheese went on top of that.

Then I whisked up three eggs and a half-cup of cream, with some salt, pepper and dry mustard, and poured that over the top, and into the CSO it went. Seventy minutes later (on convection bake), I had myself a quiche-tilla. Or some such.

Except, and I forgot this, five minutes after I stuck it in there, I grabbed it back out and scattered over the top a dozen or so cherry tomatoes, perhaps the last of them off my plants this year. I just cut ’em in half and let them go. They were quite excellent.

The toast was a slice of that honey whole wheat oatmeal bread I made earlier this week. I have not yet gotten the hang of toasting bread in the CSO. I either get it too dark or not dark enough. Must practice a bit more.

I’ll save details on the lasagna until tomorrow. There’s football to be watched. You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em help me cheer my Tigers on!




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