I’m still here, or rather, back here

September 15, 2016

A most lovely steak. Potatoes and asparagus in the background.

A most lovely steak. Potatoes and asparagus in the background.

You note there has been little on the blog (that is to say, nothing to speak of) in the past several days. That would be because I have been (a) busy as the proverbial bee, and (b) gone for five days. So there hasn’t been much cooking; in fact, I think I’ve cooked once in the past two weeks.

Which does not negate the fact that I did take time while in Dallas to enjoy one of the best dinners one can enjoy in Dallas, to wit, an Al Biernat steak. With port wine and foie gras sauce.

Have mercy. It was about worth spending five days on the road for.

You can get good steak in Dallas. Real good steak. Or, you can get an Al Biernat steak, which is enough orders of magnitude above a real good steak so as to be almost an entirely different dish. I’m not real sure what they do to their steaks, other than cook them perfectly with a nicely seasoned crust seared onto the outside and a lovely red center.

Mine was a filet, served with a dollop of sweet potato puree on the plate. I had had the port wine foie gras sauce before, and loved it, so I asked for that on the side. It did, in fact, live up to my memory of it; it was so damn good I wanted to take a bath in it. We shared sides of asparagus and potatoes au gratin.

Have mercy. It was wonderful. A lot of flavor, for a filet, which is not the most flavorful of steaks. Impeccably tender. Perfectly cooked. Dripping in that luscious sauce. I ate every scrap.

And split a bottle of Orin Swift Prisoner red wine, which is probably my all-time favorite wine.

Beyond that, Dallas was mostly hotel conference food, and for that genre of food, it was respectable. It at least had some flavor and variety to it. My major complaint with the hotel food was with the execrable Starbucks’ coffee, which is just nasty. I may go back to taking my own coffee and hot pot when I travel, if more hotels take up the disgusting practice of serving Starbucks.

Anyway, I’m home, for a few days before I leave again, so I will attempt to at least entertain you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em with some kitchen exploits whilst I’m here. I’ve woken up the sourdough starter, which has been in suspended animation in the fridge, and plan on making bread today; there is kraut to be canned today or tomorrow, and it may be about to get cool enough for soup.

We shall see.



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