Assorted stuff in the kitchen

August 9, 2016

Kitchen job one: Granola. Check.

Kitchen job one: Granola. Check.

Monday seems to have become my by-default kitchen day, but for the fact that yesterday it was a kitchen morning, as I had a work commitment Monday afternoon, so I got up and got at it early, mostly because I had to clean the joint up after the usual disaster that is Sunday dinner.

I don’t know why I make such a mess on Sundays. Dinner is maybe a little bigger than other days, but not that much. I guess it’s because I have never been able to train my children to rinse dishes and put them in the dishwasher after they finish a meal. Oh, well. I guess they could be selling drugs on a street corner. Though I do confess I wonder if they’ll die of malnutrition when I am no longer around to cook for them.

In any event, I had several projects that needed doing, so I got busy on them. I was out of granola, which just Will Not Do, so I made granola. This is a project I enjoy; it doesn’t take too long, I’ve done it enough I don’t need a recipe any more, and it’s pretty easy. A recipe of granola will generally do me for two weeks if I eat it every day, which I usually do not, so it’s maybe three weeks’ worth of granola. Plus, it makes the house smell wonderful.

Chicken job 2: Jerky, in progress. Done about 7 p.m. Check.

Chicken job 2: Jerky, in progress. Done about 7 p.m. Check.

Then there was jerky, which was really just putting the marinated beef (which had been happily marinating for about 36 hours in a vaguely teriyaki-ish marinade) onto the dehydrator racks. Too much beef for one rack, so I divided it among two, figuring if I spread it out, it’d dry better. Recipe says it’ll take 5 hours or so; this dehydrator, at least when all its shelves are in use, seems to take longer. We’ll check it about 5 this evening, as I put it on about noon.

Kitchen task 3: Lunch. Check.

Kitchen task 3: Lunch. Check.

Then there was lunch, which included one of my favorite dishes, figs baked with blue cheese, with honey drizzled over the top. Had it along with two kinds of pickles, and a tomato with some cottage cheese.

Got back from said work commitment, and attacked peaches, of which I bought a half-bushel at the Farmers Market. Cut up a quart or so to macerate in sugar and go in the fridge for breakfasts. The remainder will repose in the fridge for a while; one bag is promised to someone else, and in the fridge, they’ll hold long enough I can work them up as I run out of these, and have fresh peaches for a while. And made ricotta, as I used the last of my ricotta in a fig cake on Sunday, and I have gotten spoiled to having fresh ricotta around. I make it just a couple of cups at a time, enough to see me through several days, and it’s just perfect. So easy…so good.

Finally, last night was to have been the long-awaited Hawaiian ribeye, but we just weren’t hungry enough. So the marinade is drained off and the steaks are frozen, against a Friday cook. We’ll have them with sweet potato fries.

You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em try this steak, quick, while it’s still cool enough to be grilling outside. You know you need a weekend steak.




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