Another good use for chuck roast

July 13, 2016

You want chuck or shoulder roast similar to the above.

You want chuck or shoulder roast similar to the above.

Y’all all remember my fondness for the chuck roast, whether it be in pot roast, beef stew, or carbonnades a la flamande form.

Well, I found another way to use it, and this one may become another one of the favorites.

I apologize for not having a photo of the final product, but quite honestly, I was about to starve to death, and did not take time to take a picture. You’ll have to use your imagination.

Kids were coming over for dinner after church, and I was still in the mode of cooking stuff that doesn’t require a great deal of time on the injured leg in the kitchen. I also had a couple of roasts left in the freezer, and it’s kinda past the time for pot roast. But I figured I could cook that roast and it ought to make some primo roast beef sandwiches.

I set the roast out to thaw Saturday night, and stashed it in the oven early Sunday morning. I have a confession to make: I did not brown the roast first. I plunked it, raw, into a baking dish, added a half-cup of red wine and a half cup of vegetable bullion, along with a good sprinkle of black pepper (the bullion was quite salty, so I didn’t add salt), put foil over the top and crimped it down, and slid it in the oven at 300 degrees, where it resided for the next four and a half hours.

When I got home, I wrapped a couple of loaves of French bread from the grocery in foil, took the roast out, and put the bread in. I used a couple of forks to pull out the bone and the big chunks of fat, and shredded the rest of the beef in its juice.

Cut the warmed baguettes in thirds, and sliced them open; set the barbecue sauce, mayo and some sliced cheese out on the county, and told everyone to help themselves. We had it with frozen sweet potato fries, roasted in the oven while the bread warmed.

Folks. This stuff is good. Think of a debris po’boy in NOLA (you could dress it like that, if you took a notion, I guess). I liked the bit of sweetness from the mayo. CoJack was the only sliced cheese I had on hand; it would have been better with Provolone or Swiss. And two or three bread and butter pickles would not have gone amiss.

And you know what? I can remedy that, because? I have roast beef left over. And I have more French bread in the freezer.

In fact, you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em come over, and we’ll have leftovers.



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