At last!

July 2, 2016

About damn time. Fresh veggies dinner.

About damn time. Fresh veggies dinner.

Had pork chops thawed. Didn’t cook ’em. Didn’t want ’em. Didn’t need ’em.

Because the above, you see is the first farmers market dinner of the season, two or three weeks late because today was the first day I’ve been able to GET to the farmers market since I’ve been hobbled by this damn ankle.

And tomatoes by God and me. Out of my very own, terribly grassed-over, garden. That was possibly the best tomato I ever ate in my life. Seriously. Perfection in a tomato.

Ever since I got released from the crutches and boot on Tuesday, I’ve been thinking about getting to the farmers’ market today. And get there I did, albeit not until about 8:30, or an hour and a half later than usual, because I’d had a spell of insomnia from about midnight to 5 a.m. before I got back to sleep, and thus did not wake up until well past 7. But I was determined I was going to get there. So I did, sans Lucy, who was quite distressed that I left her all alone by herself for the second day in a row, after I went to the grocery yesterday.

Have mercy. The weather having cooperated after a late start, the height of the summer veggie season is upon us. There was a bounty of almost everything — more on the “almost” in a bit.  I contained myself better than usual, as the fridge is full and I’m still only up to about half speed in the kitchen. I got purple hulled peas, okra, peaches, sweet corn and eggplant, two of which made their way onto my plate tonight. I’ve shelled the peas, part of which I’ll cook later this weekend and part of which I’ll freeze.  The eggplants are in the fridge, destined for ratatouille sometime next week.

What I did not get was blackberries. And I WANTED blackberries. I have an idea for what should be a particularly good dessert involving blackberries, and besides, I love a blackberry.

There were no blackberries.

However, I had seen on Facebook a post by the you-pick-em berry place that they would have 84 quarts of blackberries at the farmers market at the next town up the road, a quick 15-mile jaunt. What’s 15 miles when you want blackberries? Not very doggoned much. So I drove to Paragould and relieved them of two of their 85 quarts of berries, which are the most luscious things I’ve seen of later, as big as my thumb down to the first knuckle.

More on the dessert idea when I execute it, maybe Monday. We shall see.

I came in and crashed and burned — I just about overdid things Friday, between a grocery excursion and doing two loads of laundry, plus little sleep, and I can feel it today. And eventually I got up, cut the corn off the cob, cooked it, cut up the okra and got it ready to fry, gave a thought to the pork chops and decided, “Nah,” and sliced one of my tomatoes.

Then I had seconds. Sue me.

It hurt me to pass up sweet corn at $3 a dozen ears, but I knew I didn’t feel up to working up two or three dozen ears of corn for the freezer. That will have to wait a couple of weeks, if the corn lasts that long. Tomorrow I also need to work up the peaches, a decent sized basket, probably about five pounds’ worth. I can always freeze some of them, though I ate my way through the last batch, just macerated with a little sugar and eaten with either yogurt or cottage cheese. These are bigger, and it MAY be time for freestones; I haven’t cut into one yet.

On tap for the remainder of the holiday weekend and beyond: the pork chops tomorrow, I guess, with purple hulled peas and leftover corn and more tomatoes. The squash may be reticent, but I DO have a plethora of cucumbers and tomatoes. Made a quite fine salad t’other night with a couple of cucumbers and a handful of cherry tomatoes, in a dressing of rice vinegar, mirin, sesame oil, soy sauce and ginger all whisked up. Good stuff.  Monday will be ribs, albeit done sous vide and finished in the oven because I don’t feel like fighting the grill. Also picked up, on a whim, Nathan’s Coney Island franks and some buns; I’m going to break the kraut open Tuesday, and I have it in my mind I might want a kraut dog. I also have leftover meat loaf, and the grocery had a deal on St. Andre cheese, and I have bread, so we may be thinking (will most LIKELY be thinking) meat loaf sandwiches at some point.

It appears I have meals covered until well into next week.

You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em come ahead on and stop by and enjoy some


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