Getting better, but damn, it’s hot!

June 29, 2016

Trying a cobbler with a biscuit crust.

Trying a cobbler with a biscuit crust.

I have been released from some of my restrictions that had hampered my cooking activities. None of us here in the Mid-South, however, have been released from the sufferin’ heat that has clamped down on us like it’s making up for giving us an easy time last year.

In other words, Whooo, Lawdy, it’s HOT, folks!

Hot enough I don’t want to turn the stove on, much, although I am celebrating my semi-release from captivity with a blackberry cobbler that’s in the oven as we speak. Type. Whatever.

First, the update on the disabled-list report: An MRI and a check-up at the orthopedist’s office shows the only knee damage is some deep bruising and MAYBE a small cartilage tear, which we are going to ignore and see if it gets better on its own, and address later if it doesn’t. The ankle is healing nicely. The knee brace is dispensed with, as are the crutches; the boot is replaced by a lace-up-and-Velcro ankle brace contraption over which one wears a tennis shoe. I can drive, although I haven’t tried it yet; that’s on tap for later this week.

Aside: I may need to go tennis shoe shopping.  While tennis shoes are not really acceptable business wear, I’m pretty damn sure hot pink ones with teal trim are REAL unacceptable. Don’t go hatin’ on my pink shoes. I like ’em.

Today, I made it down the sidewalk to get the mail. I’m a bit teetery, yet. I have ordered a cane, and have threatened to smack the children soundly with it if they give me any grief about it. I think it will make things better as far as walking on uneven ground. I’m hoping to attempt the market with it Saturday morning. Lucy, unfortunately, will not be going, as I don’t think I can manage Lucy, basket and cane.

Odd looking cucumbers. Supposed to be pickling cucumbers, but they're not.

Odd looking cucumbers. Supposed to be pickling cucumbers, but they’re not.

Second, the update on the garden. It ain’t good. Grass is about to take over. Squash and zucchini are blooming like crazy, but making very few fruit. I did gather a few cucumbers this morning, and the Bradley tomatoes are finally beginning to put on fruit. The Romas and cherry tomatoes are producing plenteously. And the damn rabbits ate the second crop of green beans. Thumbs down on the Liquid Fence. No more green beans unless and until I get a fence around the whole patch.

Damn rabbits.

Anyway, I’ve cooked a little, but not much, because it’s been too hot to heat up the kitchen and it’s too difficult to move around. I made some chicken salad with lots of fruit, which I didn’t care all that much for but Child C loved. That’s about done. Still nibbling on a few peaches that should last another day or two. A friend brought me blackberries, great big huge things, thus my determination to make the cobbler. She also brought me fresh corn, which isn’t as fresh as when she brought it Sunday, but which I shall cook tonight with some pork chops, which we will have with a tomato and cucumber salad, which is about all I can be troubled to cook today, in addition to the eggs and English muffin I had for brunch.

I guess, with the exception of the garden and being unable to visit the farmers’ market in high season, I should at least be grateful this mishap occurred while it’s so damn hot all I want to do is stay inside under the ceiling fan. Hope the weather breaks by next week, as I have borrowed a friend’s teenager who wants to learn to make bread, and we plan to make bread and can the kraut, which should be finished fermenting by then. Next up: putting up corn, and pickles, and tomatoes, and learning to walk and drive again.

Just ’cause there’s no garden to sharecrop, doesn’t mean you ‘n y’mama can’t come by. Particularly when it’s time to put up corn and pickles and tomatoes.




One Response to “Getting better, but damn, it’s hot!”

  1. cleavelin Says:

    Sorry to hear about the garden. I know you were looking forward to those Kentucky Wonders. 😦

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