Learning my limitations

June 21, 2016

Standard breakfast: yogurt, fruit, granola. Good stuff.

Standard breakfast: yogurt, fruit, granola. Good stuff.

Stuff I can do in the kitchen, in my currently handicapped state:

  • Scramble eggs
  • Make a sandwich
  • Direct the preparation of dinner
  • Fix my yogurt, granola and fruit for breakfast
  • Prep veggies
  • Empty and reload dishwasher
  • Make granola
  • Make coffee

These are all critical things, and not to be taken lightly. However, there are also things I CANNOT do, that just aggravate the living hell out of me, such as:

  • Gather the goodies from my garden. Fortunately, I have a friend who loves fresh veggies like I do, and is sharecropping the harvest for me.
  • Get stuff out of the freezer or the outside fridge. There is most of a chicken out there that I need to get Child A to bring in so I can make chicken salad, as well as some veggies I want to cook this evening. If I want something to thaw for dinner tonight, I needed to think of it last night so I could ask for it to be brought in.
  • Easily navigate from the stove to the sink to the counter to the fridge in the course of cooking. You just don’t realize how much you move around, even in a little kitchen like mine.

Oh, yeah. This is GOOD for anything that ails ya!

Oh, yeah. This is GOOD for anything that ails ya!

Other things that have made me feel better during the past two weeks: Lots of cards and emails, particularly including an email from Amazon this morning that, due to some class action suit being settled, I have a sizeable credit in my account (Happy Birthday to ME!). And a big honkin’ box that arrived via UPS the other day that, when I opened it, was a case of wine! A friend had told me he was sending something to make me feel better — well, I reckon! I was expecting a box of candy, but I’ll surely take a case o’wine!

On the whole, I guess I’m not that bad off. It’s a bit unhandy to use the oven without burning myself, I found yesterday when making granola. The sink is not at the most convenient height when one is seated in an office chair, either. But, hey, we’re gettin’ ‘er done.

In other news, the garden is producing nicely. First harvest yielded a decent sized zucchini and three yellow squash. That was last week. Yesterday, there were three more ginormous zucchini (we are talking the size of your arm, here), a few more yellow squash, and — TOMATOES!

Ahhhhh. Something else that'll make a broken leg feel better.

Ahhhhh. Something else that’ll make a broken leg feel better.

My first Park Whopper is ripe, as are my first Romas, along with a bunch of cherry tomatoes. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am at this. We will be having capreses this week, yes, we will.

"I get by with a little help from my friends...."

“I get by with a little help from my friends….”

I have also, thanks to the kindness of my next door neighbor, made my first successful excursion to the grocery store. And can I just tell you, the little electric scooter carts, which I will no longer call the fat people carts now that I have availed myself of one of them, are downright fun! Neighbor let me out by the door, I hobbled in and grabbed a cart, got barely inside the produce department before its “low battery” signal went off. Went back out and swapped it for a charged-up one, and I was off and running. It took an aisle or two before I mastered the art of starting and stopping without jerking myself into a whiplash, but after that, it was hard to restrain myself from asking the other folks in carts if they wanted to race.

I will grant, though, that once I got home and got stuff put away, I’m purely whipped. There is chicken salad to be made and dinner to be cooked, but that will wait until after I rest a bit. In fact a nap may be on the agenda.

You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em give me a couple more weeks, and I’m liable to be back to full speed in the kitchen. Meanwhile, the invite to visit remains open.



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