Cooking is temporarily suspended

June 11, 2016

Speaks for itself.

Speaks for itself.

How it was, was, like this.

I was headed out to an early meeting about 7 a.m. Thursday. Started to turn to get into the car; I turned, shoe didn’t, and I rolled my ankle over. All the way over.

Made my way back up the driveway, changed shoes, got to my meeting, spent half a day at a client’s office. Got ready to come home and discovered I could not put ANY weight on the injured leg. Ankle was the size of a softball. Knee was close behind it. I sent out for an ACE bandage. Still no dice. Got to the car, managed to drive home, where Child B and two of the AGC’s met me and conveyed me to the doctor.

Broken fibula. Hairline fracture in tibia. “Deranged” knee. I have already heard all the “deranged” comments I care to hear, thank you very much. Deranged, in a new use of the term I have learned, means that the innards of the knee are not where they are supposed to be, which means there are either (a) some tendon damage, (b) some ligament damage, (c) some meniscus damage, or (d) some combination of all the above, a situation I will know more about next week when I have an MRI.

So I am in a combo of a leg split, a knee brace and a sock to keep my poor abused toes warm. These would be the same toes that got squashed by the six-pound frozen pork roast I knocked off the edge of the freezer onto them earlier this week.

I am contemplating a mid-thigh amputation and getting it over with.

On the good side of the house, I’m not in a lot of pain. I have pain meds, but have been getting by for the most part with extra strength Tylenol.

However…it is playing hell with me doing anything in the kitchen. I am contemplating trying cooking while sitting in my desk chair, which I can roll about. Might work. Meanwhile, Children A, B and C are taking turns waiting on me. They have been quite excellent nurses, and I’m grateful for them.

Not sure I can get them out in my garden, though. And I had tiny baby inch-long yellow squash Wednesday evening. And tomatoes that are thinking about turning.

My timing is just notĀ admirable in this instance. Don’t know why I couldn’t have done this in January or February.

But it could’ve been a lot worse. And my neighbor just texted to tell me she’s bringing me burgers and brats for dinner.

The offer is open for you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em to come sharecrop Keyboard Farms. And I’ve got three pair of wedge slide sandals you can have if you wear an 8.5.



One Response to “Cooking is temporarily suspended”

  1. Shelby Says:

    Kay, I’m so sorry!!! Wheel that chair out to the garden lol. Heal quickly. I will miss your cooking updates.

    PS: I can barely maneuver in flip-flops much less trying to wear wedges.

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