And the payoff begins!

June 6, 2016

First crop of the brand new garden -- yellow cherry tomatoes.

First crop of the brand new garden — yellow cherry tomatoes.

We have harvested.

The first fruits of the garden are two lovely little cherry tomatoes, which started turning yellow the end of last week and which I judged to be perfectly ripe today.

I ate ’em. They were glorious.

I started, in fact, to eat them freshly plucked from the vine, cool from the morning shade. And then I remembered Child A’s warning: “Don’t you eat those tomatoes without washing them first. You know Jack pees on them.” (Jack would be the 13-year-old attack Yorkie, who hoists his leg indiscriminately, indoors or out.)

Having remembered this in time, I brought them indoors and washed them. And ate them standing at the sink.

And I repeat: They were glorious.

Soon to be lots of squashes, I believe.

Soon to be lots of squashes, I believe.

Checking the rest of Brockwell Farms, if a profusion of blossoms is any indication, I ought to have a bumper crop of yellow squash. I expect to be eating flower bed squash by next weekend. Zucchini is a little behind that, and cucumbers are beginning to bloom, as well. All the vines are quite luxuriant.

I hope to see green bean shoots by this weekend, at which point I will spray down the Liquid Fence and add a healthy scattering of cayenne pepper for good measure. I guess the next step will have to be a fence, though I’m reluctant to go that route; it’s just a lot of trouble. I may do it next year, when I have a bigger garden plot.

Cucumbers, still a little while away.

Cucumbers, still a little while away.

I’m already SO wishing I had room for okra. And more beans. And some potatoes. And some canteloupes.  And early lettuce and onions.  And cabbage.  The cabbage at the Farmers’ Market has me lusting. And I would kill for a cantaloupe that didn’t taste like cardboard. (I got a watermelon at the grocery the other day, ate one piece, and chunked the rest in the compost, because it was so bad.) It wouldn’t take all that much space to grow what I want to grow. About 24 by 36 feet ought to do just fine; that would be about three times what I have now. Then I could break down and put an asparagus bed in the front flower bed, along with my herbs; a friend also gave me some garlic seed heads from his garlic, and I think I will start some garlic seedlings this winter to plant in the spring.

My parents are rolling on the clouds in Heaven right this minute, laughing at me.

If you ‘n y’mama want to come sharecrop for me next summer, I might could use some help working the expanded version of Brockwell Farms. I’ll pay in veggies!




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