Winding up with steak

May 31, 2016

Hello, gorgeous. Come to Mama.

Hello, gorgeous. Come to Mama.

I’m not going to say we saved the best until last — best, when you’re talking food, has to be narrowed down, and you can’t say ice cream is better than pickles, for example — but we finished up the Memorial Day holiday with a fine steak and roasted corn on the cob.

I may not eat for a week.

Then again, I may be hungry tomorrow. I hope so, as I’ve got plans for the remaining four of those six ears of corn I roasted.

For some reason, seems as though I haven’t made much of a dent in the steak portion of my quarter-steer I got last fall. So I figured I’d cook a couple of them for me and Child A this weekend.

I’d laid them out to thaw Sunday, decided against cooking them because I’d rather eat junk (lunch was Sonic onion rings, and dinner was barbecued potato chips), and opted to save them for Monday. About 3 p.m., I got them out and coated them down nicely with Spade L Ranch seasoning, one of my faves for grilling steak. Stuck them in a gallon zip-loc, because I was too lazy to get out the vacuum sealer, and put them on to sous vide for three hours at 12o degrees.

Around 5:30, I fired up the grill, and kicked things off by grilling the better part of a 40-oz package of Wright’s bacon, so I wouldn’t smell up the inside of the house and give the kid a headache. (What mamas will do for their children…) Once that was done, I shucked a half-dozen ears of corn I’d picked up earlier at Kroger that was moderately fresh; buttered those, sprinkled them down with a little seasoned salt, and wrapped them in foil. They went on next, and after they’d grilled about 10 or 15 minutes, I pulled the steaks, which I’d taken out of the water bath in time to cool a bit, out of the bag and put them on. About as quickly as I could get everything carried in the house, and turn them a time or two, they were ready.

And oh, they were pretty. A lovely criss-cross of grill marks and a nicely seared surface enclosing perfectly medium rare grass-fed beef.

Sweet Baby Jesus. Just the right amount of chew. Great, beefy flavor with a hint of spice from the seasoning. Juicy and tender. Best steak I’ve cooked in a while.

Steak was just about perfect. So were the corn and tomatoes.

Steak was just about perfect. So were the corn and tomatoes.

And the corn — the corn, a peaches-and-cream bicolor, was just absolutely perfect. Buttering before cooking means you don’t use that much butter — I smeared about a quarter-tablespoon on each ear — and it cooks into the kernels, rather than dripping down your arm like it does when you butter it afterward. I prefer it to cooking it in the shuck.  And I finished off my plate with a few slices of perfectly ripe tomato. Two more Sweet Baby Jesuses, right there.

But, truth be told? As good as the steak was, I would have been perfectly content with the corn and the tomatoes. Which I knew would be the case, which is why I grilled the extra corn while I was about it. I cut the kernels off the cobs and stashed them in the fridge; tomorrow, at least some of them will go in a salad with an avocado, some more tomato, and some bacon for my lunch. Or maybe breakfast, or dinner, or all of the above. I’ll figure out later what I want to do with the rest of them, if there are any more.

All in all, a most exceptionally tasty start to summer. Hope you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em enjoyed your holiday goodies as much as I did.



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