One more time

May 30, 2016

Bring it, bunnies! I'm ready for you!

Bring it, bunnies! I’m ready for you!

We are going to try this green bean thing one more time. And if the bunnies-from-hell brave this stuff successfully, a fence will be in the offing next year.

On the advice of several friends, I am trying Liquid Fence to keep the predators out. Fortunately, I still have a good window of time in which to plant my Kentucky Wonders. They’ll just bear a little later. No matter; they’ll be absolutely wonderful whenever they do.

I am trying to get past the fact I just paid $24 for a gallon of rotten eggs. Seriously. That’s what it is. Some similar products allegedly contain coyote pee. I don’t want to know how they collect that.

I will never look at Easter the same again. Fluffy, cuddly bunnies? Bah. I will bite the heads off chocolate bunnies with sadistic glee. I don’t even want to hear the Looney Tunes theme music any more.

I'm watching this fellow lustfully. Will have bacon and lettuce ready.

I’m watching this fellow lustfully. Will have bacon and lettuce ready.

Elsewhere, the garden is doing quite well. I have a dozen or more Romas on my plants, the largest a couple of inches long. There are several Park Whopper hybrids and one of the other hybrid, whose name I forget; no Bradley heirlooms yet. Finally discovered some red grape tomatoes, but still only two tiny yellow cherry tomatoes on that vine.

Hoping to have a good Roma crop; they’re the best for making tomato sauce and paste. The Bradleys and hybrids will go into canned tomatoes and tomato juice, if they bear well enough. What cherry and grape tomatoes don’t get eaten fresh will be oven-roasted and frozen. I’d love to not have to buy tomatoes to can this year, but if I can just buy fewer of ’em, I’ll be happy.

If the squash are as prolific as the plants, we'll have plenty.

If the squash are as prolific as the plants, we’ll have plenty.

Out front, the crookneck squash are growing apace, much more rapidly than either the cucumbers or the zucchini. Hoping to have plenty of all of them, and maybe even enough cucumbers to make some pickles. No blooms on any of them yet, but they make a pretty display in my flower bed. It’s nice when you can harvest your ground cover.

I can already see that next year, I want a bigger garden. Depending on how this one yields, I think I’m going to connect the two existing beds and then double the width, which would give me a finished plot of about 12 x 30. That way, I could plant as many tomatoes as I wanted, as well as a full row of green beans, and some okra, potatoes, and onions. I think I’ll go with lettuce and radishes and green onions in the front bed, and follow those up with the squash and cucumbers.

OK, maybe 16 x 30.

What are you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em growing? Anything I ought to add?


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