Cookout No. 1 of a long weekend

May 29, 2016

Burger, sans bun, with holiday trimmings.

Burger, sans bun, with holiday trimmings.

Because sometimes, you just want burgers.

We did our family Memorial Day cookout on Saturday, to free up the kids for other plans today and tomorrow. I asked what they wanted, and SIL2 said,”Burgers.”

OK. Burgers it is. But since it’s a holiday, we’ve got to get a little fancier than that. We have to at least have trimmings. So we also had potato salad, jail slaw, baked beans and deviled eggs. Because I had a surfeit of eggs and felt like it.

I can, if I do say so myself, cook a fine burger. This was not one of my better efforts. I thought it was a little on the dry side. Probably should have added a little fat to it; my pasture-raised ground beef is pretty lean. But I sure wasn’t going to throw it out.

In honor of the two or three new pounds that have appeared on the scale display of late, I chose to forego a bun, and just had mine with a little A-1 sauce. I contemplated honey chipotle butter, contemplated bacon jam, and decided to just go with A-1. Sometimes simplicity is best.

Best thing about deviled eggs is the cute relish tray you can make with 'em.

Best thing about deviled eggs is the cute relish tray you can make with ’em.

I attempted two kinds of potato salad; one with new potatoes and green peas I’d bought at the market. Boiled the potatoes, blanched the peas, stirred all up with some viniagrette and chopped fresh herbs from the herb garden, tasted it — and promptly threw it out. Peas had either been picked way too long, or had been left too long on the vine. They were woody and tough. Inedible. I have plenty of new potatoes, and a bag of frozen peas, and I may just duplicate that effort today or tomorrow.

And I made my first blackberry cobbler of the year, and probably my last, given that no one seems to have any interest in blackberry cobbler except me, and I don’t need it. I made it with half Stevia and half sugar, but it’s still got a top crust and dumplings, and the pie crust box allows 1/8 of a crust is 200 calories right there. So we’re talking probably a 350-calorie piece of pie, there.

Blackberry cobbler. Because it was a holiday, y'know?

Blackberry cobbler. Because it was a holiday, y’know?

We will not speak about how that stacks up against the order of Sonic onion rings I had for lunch today. I was getting AGC2 a grilled cheese kid meal after church, and I seem to be congenitally unable to pull  up to the Sonic drive through at mealtime and pass up onion rings. They are just too good.

Tonight or tomorrow, there will be steak. I thawed them out, but I don’t think my calorie count will afford steak after those damned onion rings. I was actually thinking of doing steak tonight and chicken tomorrow, but I might wait and do steaks tomorrow and then after that, put a chicken on to smoke for a few hours, and we could eat off it much of the week.

Moving memorial moment this morning at church. You ‘n y’mama ‘n’em take a few minutes sometime today and tomorrow and reflect on those who’ve given their lives so we could enjoy long weekends and cookouts and family and all the other things we love.



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