April 2, 2016

Spring's here! Maybe not locally, but it's coming.

Spring’s here! Maybe not locally, but it’s coming.

The produce stand is open! Yippee!

It’s a month until Farmers Market season, and will be two months before we can expect to start getting a big rush of summer produce, but the little guy who sets up on the closed gas station parking lot opened up shop this week. I stopped by this morning.

Zucchini, yellow squash, okra, green beans. (Plus two cantaloupes I got at 2 for $3 at Kroger.) I know this early stuff comes in from Florida or the Rio Grande Valley, but I can at least hope that, unlike grocery store produce, this has not been picked green and carbon dioxided to a color that resembles ripeness.

As Child C is coming for dinner alone tomorrow, her hubby having a family engagement, we will have us a veggie dinner, yes, we will. Green beans, squash and onions, zucchini fritters, fried okra. And cornbread. Because cornbread. I may thaw out one of the packages of Easter ham, or I may not. Seems kinda pointless, doesn’t it?

Produce guy also had tomatoes that looked lovely, even though they came from Florida (I asked). I may stop back by and pick some up, just to see if they taste decent. They’re big enough to make a reputable BLT sandwich. (The Camparis worked, but they have a tendency to fall off.) He had new potatoes and onions as well, and cucumbers.

Memphis Farmers Market opened today; I couldn’t get away to go down there, and should be out of town next week, but I plan to get there a time or two before ours opens up here, just to feed my local veggie fix.

Have been out of town for a couple of days, and came in exhausted yesterday, so we opted to go pick up wings at the to-go place. Then I was too tired to eat mine, so they’re in the fridge; I ate the carrots and ranch with my roast beef sandwich for lunch today. (Kroger also had Boar’s Head swiss and roast beef on sale.) Tonight will be — something. Maybe a shrimp and asparagus risotto that I was thinking in terms of making last night; I should use that asparagus while it’s still fairly fresh. I even bought some mini-bottles of chardonnay to use when I want to make risotto, as I don’t drink enough white wine to get a big bottle to use. I also have a cauliflower I need to cook, and a head of cabbage.

So glad it’s getting on toward summer. I’m sure ready for veggies. Won’t be long before I’m calling for you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em to come help me put up tomatoes and corn and such.



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