Healthy stuff (tasty, too)

March 17, 2016

Miso-glazed cod. Too good to be this healthy.

Miso-glazed cod. Too good to be this healthy.

Because you need healthy, tasty stuff in your kitchen repertoire.

I had ordered cod from Schwan’s, because I haven’t had cod in so long I forgot what it tasted like. Pulled a couple of filets out of the freezer yesterday, thawed them, and set about determining how and with what I was going to cook them for dinner last night.
I had been to the produce market and grocery earlier this week, so I had a fridge-full of green stuff. Green stuff goes well with fish, and we’d had beef and chicken already this week. So, it was a foregone conclusion we would have fish some time this week, and that time was Wednesday night.

Miso-glazed cod sounded good, not least because I had the stuff for it. It’s a pretty simple prep: mix a quarter-cup each of miso paste (available in Asian and health food markets, and some larger supermarkets) and brown sugar, and throw in a good slug of mirin (Japanese sweet cooking wine) and sesame oil. Marinate the cod filets for between 30 minutes and a hour, then broil them for 3-4 minutes, brush with more sauce, reduce the oven heat to 375, and bake for another 6-7 minutes. Boom. Done.

I cooked rice, with furikake (Japanese rice seasoning that includes seaweed and sesame seeds) , and blanched some sugar snap peas for a  couple of minutes. Once I drained them, I stirred in a tablespoon of butter.

Good stuff.

I have rice left over, and being congenitally unable to throw any leftover out until it lives in the refrigerator for a week, I stashed it in the fridge. I’m thinking it might become arancini, or, if you will, Japarancini. The seasoning is not that obsessively Japanese; if you didn’t squint too closely, you could take the seaweed for parsley.

On my veggie-buying binge, I went to Easy-Way because I was in West Memphis and Memphis was close. Of course, the Midtown Easy-Way has been closed, which I did not know, but by that time I had my mouth set for produce, and I went on out east to Mendenhall and went to that one. Brought home broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, romaine, radishes, cauliflower,  and I forget what all else; a bunch of veggies. Then I came home and went to Kroger, and added daikon, sugar snaps, carrots, cucumber and fruit to the haul. We’re set for sides for a bit.

I think some of that will go in a pasta carbonara-ish sauce — say, some asparagus, the leftover sugar snaps from tonight, a couple of diced carrots, maybe some roasted tomatoes from the freezer, with some shrimp — one night soon. And I’m in the notion for risotto, with leftover chicken from Sunday, some mushrooms, and maybe some more asparagus. Might as well make that pricy pound of asparagus last. Finally, there’s some zucchini lasagna I saw a recipe for today that I’m dying to try.

Got to get my veggie chops working well before summer well and truly gets here and the farmers’ markets open. However, I did score a regular supply of farm eggs — at $2.50 a dozen! — today — Yay, me!

This warm weather has me jonesing for summer. I saw a sign on a produce market in Forrest City for ripe tomatoes this week. I don’t trust it — they can’t be local unless they’re greenhouse tomatoes from LA (i.e., Lower Arkansas), and if they’re not those, then they’re the flavorless imported varieties from Central Florida or the Rio Grande Valley. I’ll pass, thank you very much.

But you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em start getting your taste buds set for fresh veggies. The season’s coming!



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