Country cooking

February 26, 2016

Not gourmet, but awfully good.

Not gourmet, but awfully good.

My daddy would’ve been happy. He thought Claussen’s was about the best kraut there was, next to what he made himself, and he loved it with kielbasa. He also loved white beans with ham. And I never made them for him, but he might have even liked zucchini fritters.

Which was the name of dinner the other night.

I’d cooked white beans a few days earlier, and just put them, still in the insert to the Instant Pot, out in the outdoor fridge. I needed my IP back, so I got them out and reheated them tonight. (I’ll wind up freezing the leftovers this time.) And I had kraut, and had bought kielbasa specifically so I’d have something to go with what I had leftover from the weekend’s Reubens.

Child A pleaded with me to “not make it greasy,” so I browned the kielbasa slices and patted them dry between layers of paper towels before tossing in a clean pan to reheat with the kraut. Meanwhile the beans — Rancho Gordo alubia blanco, cooked in ham stock with some diced ham — benefitted from the reheat and the pureeing of a cup or so of them to thicken the soup.

Zucchini fritters were standard. Grate a medium zucchini, smash a half a stack of Saltines, mix together with one beaten egg. Makes about enough for two people for dinner.

Nothing special, but good.

Breakfast sandwich par excellence.

Breakfast sandwich par excellence.

Meanwhile, it has progressed to Friday, and given a busy week and a fair amount of cooking, the fridge is at bulging status. I need to prune out and trash some stuff. I’ve fallen down on freezing leftovers for reheating, in large part because the freezers are bulging, too. I need a bigger freezer, particularly before goodies start coming in this summer.

Or perhaps I need to do a better job of menu planning to use the stuff I have IN the fridge and freezer.

So I started with that for breakfast today. Having gotten in yesterday absolutely exhausted, an early bedtime won out over dinner (particularly as I had stuffed myself at lunch with wonderful sandwich fillings from Boar’s Head). Last summer, I’d roasted and frozen lots and lots of cherry tomatoes; grabbed a baggie of those out of the fridge, put some in the microwave for 20 seconds along with some pre-cooked bacon, toasted a slice of homemade bread, spread it with pimiento cheese, and assembled a sandwich. That, with a bowl of yogurt, granola and blueberries, with a good cup of coffee, got me off to a good start today.

Tonight, if plans follow through, it will be king crab legs and…something. Tomorrow, I have not yet decided. Sunday, if I can excavate down to them in the bottom of the freezer, it will be a pot roast.



One Response to “Country cooking”

  1. koolaidmoms Says:

    What a wonderful meal and wonderful memories of your father.

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