Millenial plus one post

February 22, 2016

20092016I didn’t notice it at the time, but when I posted yesterday’s post, but it was the 1,000th post on this blog since I started it back sometime around the first of the year, 2009.

Close to 1,000 meals, or at least components thereof. Not every post has been about food — some have been about music, or travel, or musing on life in general, or just a quick note to say I was still alive. There have been a few breaks from the string — a period of several months on one occasion, and several weeks on a few others, when I just took a break from either cooking or writing about it. But in general, I’ve been either cooking new things or improving on things I’ve cooked for a long time, trying amazing cuisine from across the country and around the world.

It’s interesting to look back at 2009 and what I was cooking then, and follow the evolution of not just my kitchen skills, but my tastes, not to mention the vast collection of kitchen widgets and appliances I’ve collected over the ensuing seven years. Looking back to Post No. 1, in which I detailed deciding on a whim to make moussaka, going to Fresh Market and buying groceries and such, and deciding after a bottle and a half of red wine that I wanted to document some of those adventures in a blog, I find myself fairly amused. I went from that to mac and cheese and hamburger steaks, the Super Bowl, and Barack Obama’s first inaugural in the next three days, and segued over into music (Rani Arbo and Daisy Mayhem) before the month was out. Finished up with a trip to Miami, shrimp, and good Cuban food.

By midyear 2010, I’d moved across the state, won my first culinary contest by submitting my “Bell-less, Whistle-less, Damn Good French Toast” recipe to the Food 52 website, from which it wound up being incorporated into Food 52’s (Amanda Hesser and Melissa Clark, of the New York Times food section) inaugural cookbook. My first published culinary triumph. I had discovered grass-fed, organic beef and pork and lamb, and had become a regular Farmers’ Market shopper. I had also acquired a 14-year-old foster child, my first experience at raising a boy, and that set my cooking, at least of the adventurous variety, back a notch, as he tended toward burgers, pizzas and carbs.

That state of affairs lasted for about three years, at which point I was about to move BACK across the state and enter yet another new phase of my cooking life, i.e., that of working from home, which meant I could hop up from the computer and stir something or turn an oven on or off, or take a day off now and again to can or freeze summer veggies. I was about to start buying my beef, still farm-raised, grass-fed and organic, by the freezer-full.

Meanwhile, I’d acquired a big honkin’ Kitchenaid stand mixer and taken up bread-baking; shortly after which I was diagnosed with celiac disease (a diagnosis which later appeared to have been in error, or I experienced a spontaneous remission of something which, allegedly, is a chronic auto-immune disorder. I’d acquired my first sous vide setup, and learned the basics of uber-slow-and-low cooking under a vacuum seal. I’d expanded my grocery shopping to specialty Asian and Middle Eastern shops, had tried my hand at cheese-making, and was hooked on organic chicken.

And now? I have, thankfully, not moved any more. Still enjoying home-baked breads. Canning (and freezing) more and more summer veggies, and thinking about buying a larger freezer. And maybe starting a garden this year.

This blog’s seen three grandchildren born, one child married, one child graduated from college and moved away, and several toddler and preschooler birthday parties, one business started, and assorted family job changes. And you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em have been there for it all.

I appreciate y’all.



2 Responses to “Millenial plus one post”

  1. Shelby Says:

    Happy 1000 (+1) posts!!!! 🙂

  2. Kate Says:

    Enjoy it!

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