Catch-up post for the past week

February 8, 2016

And I forgot to bring a cookbook for an autograph!

And I forgot to bring a cookbook for an autograph!

Well. I’m back from NOLA, where a large time was had by all. Notably, I got to meet John Besh (Restaurant August, Luke, Best Steak, Domenica, Borgne, La Provence, Willa Jean, Johnny Sanchez, Shaya, and he plans to open eight more in the next two years!). More notably, dumbass that I am capable of being, it did not occur to me to get a copy of his newest cookbook and bring it for him to autograph. Fail.

Had a couple of good meals, but not exceptional. We ate one night at Desire Oyster Bar, because it was close and we were exhausted. I had a seafood Louis salad, which was full of shrimp and lump crabmeat in a nice remoulade, and it hit the spot after an eight-hour drive. The next night, we went to Antoine’s, but I wasn’t overly hungry, having eaten something at lunch that didn’t sit especially well, so I ate from the appetizer menu and had shrimp and crab au gratin. That’s so rich, in that gorgeous bechamel with lots of cheese, that the appetizer was plenty. Not to mention it was not so heavy but what I could eat about half of a creme caramel for dessert.

So that was good. Breakfast and lunch were conference food, and thus eminently forgettable. They had good bacon, though, and you could find some in the tray that was crisp enough.

And that was NOLA. Stopped at a little buffet in Jackson, MS, on the way back — veggies and baked chicken, good enough but nothing exceptional.

Nothing exceptional since I’ve been back, either. Made four, count them, four, King cakes on Saturday. I picked up cheese and olives and such for Super Bowl munchies Sunday, and wound up eating cheese dip and chips.  Went out for lunch Sunday to the Thai place, had Panang curry, and then had the leftovers tonight. I’ll cook tomorrow, maybe.

I did make a half-gallon of veggie juice today. Did not add tomato juice, which I should have; guess I’ll do that as I drink it. Froze one quart, and stashed t’other in the fridge. This batch had tomatoes, celery, a beet, spinach, carrots, and parsley. Wasn’t tomatoey enough; added a jar of my homemade tomato paste, and that helped, but it wants the tomato juice. We’ll revisit it tomorrow after it sits overnight, and play with it some more.

Need to make some granola tonight; I made yogurt on Sunday, and I think I’ve got about one serving of granola left. And I think I’ll actually cook tomorrow night; picked up some sugar snap peas at the grocery today, so maybe those, tilapia and wild rice. Or sweet potatoes. And it’s cold again, so maybe a stew is in the works, or a bolognese or a puttanesca sauce with pasta.

You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em give me some ideas, here. I need to get back in the swing.




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