Yes, I’m alive

January 8, 2016

Barely. I seem to have welcomed the New Year with a nasty case of sore throat/sinus infection/general crud, which has for the most part laid me low all week. Today, though, I begin to show some promise of being human again.

As I’ve been poorly, there’s been no cooking to speak of, other than taking out a frozen homemade lasagna one night and cooking it. Last night was Chinese delivery, which sounded wonderful when I thought about it, even better when I ordered it, and then just Did Not Deliver.

Today, I may perhaps actually cook. I may actually get out. There are things I am out of that need to be replenished, and I’ve been thinking about Brunswick stew all week, which will require a stop by the local barbecue emporium. I also have a notion to make granola. And I MUST clean out the refrigerator.

Anyway, will return to something approximating regular cooking/blogging schedule this weekend, I hope.  You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em stand by.


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