Christmas leftovers, Part III: Soups and such

December 30, 2015

Beans 'n ham, here we come. With many thanks to the Thai, Chinese and Indian places, all of whom use the same takeout containers, which reuse wonderfully.

Beans ‘n ham, here we come. With many thanks to the Thai, Chinese and Indian places, all of whom use the same takeout containers, which reuse wonderfully.

The meal has not been cooked whose remnants cannot be used to make soup.

Witness Christmas dinner.

  1. The ham got cut off and packaged into a couple of packages of slices, and the bone cooked in an Instant Pot full of water for 45 minutes to make ham stock, which will in turn go into the freezer and make beans and/or bean soup later.
  2. Half the turkey got diced up and tossed into a pot with corn, chicken broth, ginger, soy sauce, mirin, garlic and onion to make Chinese chicken and corn soup.
  3. I could use the broccoli and asparagus to make a cream soup, but I have something else in mind for them, tomorrow.

Also on tomorrow’s agenda, because I left it too late today (NOTE: This was written Monday, along with the previous two posts), and it’s now officially cocktail time, is refrigerator cleanout. (NOTE: Didn’t get that done yet, either. Maybe today.) I can’t function with it any more. Plus reconfiguration of the aforementioned broccoli and asparagus. Then I’ll be close to done. But for finishing off all the damned sweet stuff, some of which may get chunked.

Ham. This was some GOOD ham, y'all. Honey Baked may be my future ham of choice.

Ham. This was some GOOD ham, y’all. Honey Baked may be my future ham of choice.

The ham made two packages of slices for the freezer, plus some for the fridge for my uses later this week, plus five quarts of stock, three of them with diced ham and two without. At least one of those quarts of stock is destined for red beans and rice. One will, no doubt, find its way into the Instant Pot with some of those Rancho Gordo alubia blanca beans. The rest? Who knows.  They’ll repose in the freezer until I’m ready for ’em.

The kids laugh at me for my stock of “put by” meat, veggies and stock out in the storage room freezer and shelves. I just say that, come the apocalypse, long as there’s electricity or propane for the grill, we can eat at my house.

The turkey corn soup is done, but wants an egg whisked up in it. I’ll wait and do that when I’m ready to eat it. It’s diced turkey, a pint of frozen corn, a pint of chicken broth and about a cup and a half of water, some garlic powder, some onion powder, some ginger paste, some lemongrass paste, some soy sauce and some mirin. (Y’all know I don’t measure stuff. Wing it.) Tasted good. Been snacking all day, and had a ham and cheese roll, so not hungry. It’ll keep, or freeze.

Gave away most of the Christmas goodies today; maybe one more gift bag to make up and distribute, and I’ll call that finished.  Thinking about finishing off the pineapple and cherries with a scalloped pineapple casserole (or breaking it into two, for freezing purposes, if I have any freezer room left). Thinking about just throwing away a bunch of dibs and dabs of stuff. Have an errand or two that need to be run. Starting to think about New Year’s Eve and Day goodies, along with the obligatory black eyed peas (those will be in a cassoulet type dish, with smoked sausage, tomatoes and paprika, which has become my favorite treatment of same). I may or may not make some slaw or cook some cabbage or even (cringe) spinach. Sometime this week or weekend is Brunswick stew, because I’ve been anxious to try it.

And a little work style work, while I’m about it!

In any event, you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em stand by for more goodies emanating from the kitchen here at Chez Brockwell.




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