Christmas leftovers, Part II

December 29, 2015

Savory, hammy, cheesy goodness, right here.

Savory, hammy, cheesy goodness, right here.

Wherein we take the ham and cheese sandwich to a different level.

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve seen a couple of dozen posts over the past weeks for the “Best Ever Ham and Cheese Sandwiches,” consisting of sliced ham and Swiss cheese, layered on some kind of bread, topped with a sweet-savory sauce and baked.

The only one that caught my attention was one that was on a prepared pizza crust from the dairy case, rolled up and sliced, and then baked. And I woke up Self and said, “Self? We need to try that after Christmas.” Self agreed that would be fine, and went back to sleep.

So Monday, in one of the few things I actually did that looked like activity, I made up a recipe of olive oil dough from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day (Best flatbread dough out there, for my money; just olive oil, water, salt, yeast, sugar, flour, makes up in about, well, five minutes. Get the book. It’s worth it. Or you can google it and find the recipe several places online.) and stashed it in the fridge overnight.

Monday a little after noon, after my nap, I got it out, dumped it on a floured board, turned it over a couple of times to incorporate a bit more flour, and rolled it out to somewhere near a half-inch thick. I’m guessing it was about an 8 x 12 rough rectangle/oval.

Getting started -- a pound of ham.

Getting started — a pound of ham.

I had earlier stripped down the ham bone (and put said bone in the IP to make stock for beans later on), and had plenty of ham. I cut some of the scrappier pieces up into 1/2 inch strips, about a pound of them, and spread them out evenly over the dough, leaving about an inch border.

...and an eight-ounce package of sliced Swiss cheese.

…and an eight-ounce package of sliced Swiss cheese.

Then I took a package of sliced Swiss cheese and used about 10 of those to cover the ham.

Then I set about rolling it up. And here is where you should have done something that I did not: You should do all this on a sheet or two of waxed paper or parchment paper, to facilitate the rolling process. But we made it.

Sliced and reach to rise.

Sliced and reach to rise.

When we had our big roll, I cut it in inch-thick slices, and maneuvered them onto a parchment-lined cookie sheet. I quickly figured I needed my big pancake spatula at hand to pick up the slices with and convey them to the baking sheet. They weren’t the most neat, nice looking rolls ever, but after rising for an hour in a warmed-and-turned-off oven, they looked fine.

Aaaaannnnddd, ready to bake.

Aaaaannnnddd, ready to bake.

Before I baked them, I topped them with spoonsful of a sauce made of a stick of melted butter, a healthy portion of Worcestershire sauce, a tablespoon or so of honey mustard, a couple of tablespoons of brown sugar, and some poppy seed, because that’s what Facebook called for, and who am I to argue with Mark Zuckerberg, even if he’s NOT giving away umpty million bucks, which it may or may not have said on Good Morning America.

When they were baked, they looked even better. The sauce, on its own, was pretty doggoned tangy, but distributed amongst the bread, ham and cheese, it was fine.

I hope these things warm up well. If not, you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em better count on coming over for lunch.



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