Fruitcake, redux

December 21, 2015

Fruitcake biscotti. Don't knock it until you've tried it.

Fruitcake biscotti. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Y’all recall the Eudora Welty white fruitcakes, and how I was alarmed they seemed to be tremendously doughy?

I cut into one t’other day. It was tremendously doughy. And it didn’t taste so great.

Damn things are too expensive to chunk. Plus, there’s half a fifth of good bourbon in there, and that would border on alcohol abuse. So self and I contemplated the situation, and decided that we could freeze those fruitcakes, slice them into thin slices, bake them again, and have fruitcake biscotti. So that’s what we set about doing.

The second bake does away with the harsh, alcohol-y taste the fruitcake has, and imparts a pleasant, crunchy-chewy texture to it. I could see having a couple with a schmear of cream cheese with my morning coffee.

I sliced them about 1/3 inch thick (thank God for sharp knives!) and got about 18 slices out of a cake. A dozen fruitcake biscotti fit perfectly stacked in my treat bags. Somebody’s getting fruitcake biscotti (Child A’s workmates and the folks at my Forrest City office got the fruitcake mini-cupcakes).

Also made seven loaves of Beer Cheese Bread (recipe here, except I added garlic, because, garlic, and who wants vampires around on Christmas?) to take to my Sunday School class party as gifts. Amused at taking beer cheese bread to a church function. It’s good to be a Methodist.

Also made a cheesecake for said party (must stop and get cherry pie filling to top it with, en route). Made a second cheesecake in a graham cracker pie crust with the leftover batter. More on that cheesecake later.

The next day was Saturday, and I had a funeral to attend and a grandchild to pick up, so there was no cooking. Got up Sunday morning and put together lasagna for the fam for Sunday dinner, went to church, and sat around feeling lazy after that, but for making a coconut cake for Child A’s company Christmas party.

I did not NEED to take a break from cooking. I still have lots to finish, up to and including making candy and cookies and crackers to finish out goodie baskets, and the sides for Christmas dinner.

Said dinner menu, in its evolving state, consisting of sliced ham and turkey, grilled asparagus, roasted broccoli, potato salad, deviled eggs, macaroni and cheese, and rolls. Likely a fruit salad of some description. Some other kind of salad. No clue yet on dessert. I’m tired of making cheesecakes. Someone is bringing Jamie a pecan pie. We can eat that, and I’ll come up with…something.

Can you tell I’m not feeling Christmas dinner?

And me without a gift wrapped yet.

You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em still got time to come by and help out. I’ll feed you.




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