Too rich, but really good

December 10, 2015

Yeah, I like chives. Deal with it.

Yeah, I like chives. Deal with it.

I had some smoked salmon in the fridge that needed to be used, and I knew that, allegedly, one could use smoked salmon in an alfredo sauce on pasta.

So, after a busy day, I said to myself, “Self? Let’s try that.” And self agreed that would be a suitable dinner.

I betook Self and me to the interwebs in search of a smoked salmon Alfredo sauce recipe, and found one that looked suitable, but for the fact it called for 2 cups of heavy cream. Seriously? Who does that? I mean, can we say rich, here? Granted, I was cutting it down because I was only doing two servings instead of four, but a half a cup of cream per serving? Seriously?

Seriously. Except I used a quarter cup, plus some skim milk ricotta cheese, and some whole milk. Seemed to work. Wasn’t quite as unhealthy.

I sauteed a small onion, minced pretty fine, in a tablespoon of butter. Flaked about four ounces of smoked salmon, added that. Added the cream, a half-cup of milk, a third of a cup or so of ricotta, and a couple of tablespoons of pecorino romano. Let that simmer.

Meanwhile, cooked some whole wheat rotini pasta. Drained it, returned it to the pot, dumped the sauce on top. Thought it needed thinning down a bit, and splashed some whole milk into it. Dished it up, and clipped a bunch of chives over the top. (I love me a chive.)

Verdict? Eh. It wasn’t bad. Too rich. I’ll do it all with whole milk and skim ricotta, next time. And I’ll just use a good tuna in olive oil; the smokiness and seasonings of the salmon got lost. I believe if I’m going to use smoked salmon in a pasta sauce again, it’ll be in a lemon juice and olive oil based viniagrette type sauce, and it’ll have some diced tomatoes and some cucumbers in it, in a cold preparation.

Ooooh. That ought to be GOOD. Come on, summer.

Meanwhile, I believe I will be saving the remainder of the smoked salmon for appetizers, eggs, both scrambled and deviled, and to go on bagels with cream cheese. Which reminds me, I have not made bagels of late. I should remedy that.

You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em got any good recipes featuring smoked salmon?



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