Because, well, bacon

December 3, 2015

Pig candy.

Pig candy.

Like most folks outside of observant Jews and Muslims, I love bacon. Most any bacon, in most any form, provided that it’s cooked crisp but not burnt.

But GOOD bacon is truly a thing of beauty, one to be appreciated and savored. In my book, there is one good kind of bacon: thick-sliced, cured and smoked, “country” bacon. There are several excellent purveyors of same; I tend toward Arkansas’ own Petit Jean Farms or Wright’s, out of Texas. Going up the exclusivity (and price) ladder, Benton’s, Broadbent’s, or Niemann Ranch are nothing at which to be sneezed.

I have to be careful when I cook bacon, though, because for Child A, the smell — the wonderful, fragrant perfume — of bacon cooking is a trigger smell for migraines. (Kid is weird. Weird, I tell you.) So I try to cook it when she’s not home. And she’s off on a business trip, so I indulged myself today with bacon.

I’ve taken to cooking my bacon in a sheet pan in the oven. It’s neater, doesn’t splatter everywhere, and cooks more evenly. I put it on a sheet of parchment, which keeps it from sticking to the pan, and put it on about 375 for about 15 minutes, give or take. I turn it once during that time, and I watch it like a hawk the last few minutes, because it’ll go from perfect to burnt in about 0.27 milliseconds.

I hated to heat the oven for three or four pieces of bacon, so I went ahead and filled my sheet pan with 10 pieces. I could use some on a grilled cheese sandwich at lunch, I reasoned, and whatever was left, I could put in a salad or on a baked potato or use in some other fashion.

So I pulled the pan of perfect bacon out of the oven, and impatiently waited for it to cool enough to eat. I sat down with four slices of it. No bread. No eggs. I wanted bacon, and bacon I would have.

Those four pieces of bacon were excellent. Excellent enough I went back and had three more.

Yes, I had seven pieces of bacon for breakfast. I am not ashamed. Nary a bit. (I’m much more ashamed about the half-dozen chocolate-covered cherries I ate for lunch.) I wouldn’t eat it every day, but a bacon binge every once in a while should keep things oiled up and the joints moving nicely, I’d think.

You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em don’t judge. Just come join me for some bacon.



One Response to “Because, well, bacon”

  1. cleavelin Says:

    “Bacon. It’s like meat candy.”

    I think that hit “All About Da Bacon” on Facebook sometime in the past week. 🙂

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