On schedule, so far

November 24, 2015

Cornbread, getting stale for the dressing.

Cornbread, getting stale for the dressing.

Things are progressing along nicely in the pre-Thanksgiving kitchen at Chez Brockwell, as we cook untold amounts of food — much more food, in point of fact, than we will eat — for Thursday’s family dinner.

The cheesecakes and the cranberry salad are made and in the fridge. Could I possibly have overdone the cranberry salad? Is a gallon too much?


There are two cheesecakes, because the recipe makes too much batter to fit in my nine-inch springform pan, so I cut that a little short and filled a graham cracker crust as well. That, along with some of the excess cranberry salad, can go with Child A to her office Thanksgiving potluck Wednesday.

The cheesecake is the absolute best cheesecake recipe in the world, and it’s here. I first ran across it on a Southern Living compilation of good cheesecake recipes. It qualifies.

I actually alter it a bit — it makes a MASSIVE amount of batter, so I eliminate one package of cream cheese, 8 ounces of sour cream and one of the eggs, and trim the sugar a bit. Then I turned around and built the volume back up in this one via the addition of two cups of white chocolate chips, melted with a half-cup of half-and-half, mixed into the batter. Because I wanted a white chocolate cheesecake, which I will top with cherry pie filling, which, yes, will be the canned variety. Sue me.

I don’t have photos, yet, because they’re not topped. Hang on until Wednesday for me.

Got the rest of the Thanksgiving grocery shopping done, except for picking up additional eggs, which I’ll do today (that was in a different direction from everything else I was doing yesterday). Grabbed a few extras for good measure, and I should not have to darken the door of the grocery between now and next week.

Also got the cornbread made for the dressing, and very nearly had to do it again, because I turned the wrong burner on on the stove and almost fried the bottom crust. Pulled it off in time, though.

I won’t go into detail about the prep plans for today, as I outlined them yesterday. A couple of things in the works are prep, though, for the leftover orgy we’ll enjoy all weekend.

curry dipFor instance, curry dip. This is the greatest gift for leftover turkey sandwiches that you can make. Trust me. I know whereof I speak. Use it in place of mayonnaise; it’s good on fresh veggies, too, should you have overcarbed yourself on the holiday and need some vitamins. I’ve already secured my Swiss and provolone cheeses for the sandwiches, too, and also on today’s list are a couple of loaves of sandwich bread.

I’ve had the curry dip several places, but the recipe pictured above comes from a friend of my daughter’s who mentioned it a few  years ago and sparked the memory, leading me to beg for the recipe. It’s a fairly common recipe in the South, generally served with fresh veggies as a change from ranch dip, with slight variations depending on the cook who’s preparing it. I can testify to this version. Thanks again, Jessica!

And I ought to have plenty of leftover turkey, as it appears my bird will be about a 16-pounder, which is, oh, about twice the turkey I need. But that’s what you get when you order from the farm and get a fresh turkey. That will certainly require a Wednesday night cook of the potatoes and dressing, which can then be warmed up on Thursday, in order to allow said bird some additional time in the oven. Thank God for the vacuum sealer; there will be copious amount of turkey to be frozen. And those sandwiches!

While we’re talking about Thanksgiving leftovers, one I’m certainly going to try this year is baked eggs in dressing. You crumble up your leftover dressing, moisten it with a bit more broth or some leftover gravy, pat it into a baking dish, make depression and crack eggs into those depressions. Bake it for about 15 minutes at 350 — just long enough to set the egg white and leave the yolk runny — and serve it with some turkey and cranberry salad on the side. Yes, thank you.

Also thinking about a new one I saw the other day — dressing reworked into a waffle, topped with an over-easy egg. Yeah, I’m thinking there’s a future in that, too.

Oh, and I have the stuff to make a pate de campagne. Because I can. Because I want to. I will update y’all on it, as I’ve never made this creature before, but it just sounded like something I wanted to try.

Time to hit the kitchen. You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em stay tuned for more Turkey Day updates.


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