Thanksgiving menu

November 20, 2015

turkey dayAs I need to plan my Thanksgiving menu, I figure I might as well make a blog post out of it. Because Thanksgiving, my favorite of all the holidays, is less than a week away, and I will have two-thirds of my family there, and we need to eat early because Son-in-law 2 wants to hit WalMart when it opens at 6 Thanksgiving night.

Me, I’ll sit home and eat leftover turkey and nap on the couch. My shopping will be on Cyber Monday.

Anyway. Menu.

This year, I have ordered a locally grown, farm-raised turkey. I’ll pick it up early next week, and brine it for a day before I roast it, which I will likely do on Wednesday, and then just warm it up a bit on Thursday. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it should be a most excellent turkey. Will be making stock with the carcass, too.

Dressing, natch. I’ll make basic cornbread dressing, with sage. Will make it up the day before, put it in the fridge, and bake it morning of.

Sweet potatoes, also natch. We always had candied sweet potatoes for the holiday when I was a kid, and I like those, but for the last several years, I’ve made a mashed sweet potato casserole with a pecan streusel topping. Can’t -do without that, so will be repeating it this year. Can make those up in advance and cook them day-of, as well.

Cranberry salad, the third member of the side dish trifecta, the most traditional of the holiday traditions, the one I’ve had on my holiday table every Thanksgiving and Christmas I can remember, and that’s a lot of ’em.

Something green. I have yet to decide if it’s going to be green beans (I like the ones with bacon, brown sugar and soy sauce), or broccoli salad with the sunflower seeds and craisins and bacon, or both.

Mashed potatoes or mac and cheese, to make up for the stuff SIL2 won’t eat.

Corn pudding, because Child C has requested it, and doggone it, it’s just awfully good.

Miss Mary Lloyd’s homemade rolls. Because you can’t have a holiday without ’em.

Will have to make gravy, as well. Hopefully this turkey will have lots of nice drippings.

Then it’s time to think about dessert, which we always wind up not eating, because we’re so doggoned full from dinner, but you have to have it anyway, else what you nosh on after you fix your turkey sandwich that night? I suspect I will make lemon icebox pie, because Child C thinks we have to have it. I’ll see what Child A wants, and make that, and hope it isn’t pumpkin pie. Because I just don’t like pumpkin pie.

Oh, and I also have to make some curry dip. A mayo-and-sour-cream based dip flavored with curry powder and other stuff, it is the absolute best spread on a turkey-and-leftover-roll sandwich that you EVER had. So I have messaged my friend who has the recipe and asked her to send it to me, because I don’t remember where I put it last time she sent it to me.

All that, and I should be ready for Thanksgiving, and ready to hit the interwebs and shop.

And then it will be time to plan Christmas dinner, which will be Christmas evening, with the whole fam here. I’m seriously contemplating red beans and rice, because it’s Child B’s favorite and everyone else likes it, too, and everyone will be Christmas dinnered out by that time.

In the meantime, if you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em want to come over and eat, there ought to be plenty.






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