A recipe ain’t nothin’ but a starting point

October 26, 2015

Imagine a hot slice of this, dripping with melted butter. Yeah.

Imagine a hot slice of this, dripping with melted butter. Yeah.

My family laughs at me periodically because of my tendency to start with a recipe and then spiral off into unpredictable directions. Sometimes it turns out nicely.

Like yesterday. A recipe for “Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal Bread” on Facebook caught my eye. With it still feeling like fall, and apples in the fridge, I thought a hot, tasty quickbread dripping with melted butter would be a quite admirable addition to the day. So I set about it.

The base recipe is here. My first departure from it came in the form of the oatmeal; I didn’t have quick, I had old-fashioned. And, FWIW, I didn’t have Stonyfield vanilla yogurt; I had Chobani. So I went ahead and mixed my yogurt and oatmeal, per the recipe.

Then I mixed up everything else, and decided a natural addition would be walnuts, so I put some walnut pieces in there. And then I decided that the one lonely apple that was all I had left probably wasn’t going to be enough, so I nuked a handful of dried apples in water to soften them, then diced them up and added them.

Then I didn’t have canola oil, on account of using all I had to fry hushpuppies the day before and having not been to the store yet. But I had coconut oil. (There’s just something strange about having a vegetable fat in your pantry you can both use for a moisturizer and cook with. I’m just sayin’.) So I used coconut oil, melted it, and added it to the yogurt-and-oatmeal mixture, which has by now set up to the approximate consistency of PlayDoh.

“H’mmmm,” says I. “Self? That one egg and this coconut oil ain’t gonna be enough moisture to let you stir in the cup and a third of flour and the half cup of sugar and the soda and the salt and the apples and the walnuts.” And Self agreed that was so, and suggested we add some milk.

So, since I was already on a vegan kick with this stuff, I went forward with almond milk, because I bought some the other day to see what it tasted like, and can I just tell you it is the best thing in an iced coffee that you EVER had? I added, I’d guess, about a half-cup of almond milk, maybe 2/3 cup, Enough to make a thick batter.

This bakes at 350 for a tad more than 45 minutes, or until a knife blade comes out clean.

People. This is good. I’d make one change. It calls for a teaspoon of cinnamon. I didn’t use a full teaspoon, because my cinnamon is cinnamon-on-steroids, and I usually have to use less. Probably because of the increased ingredients, this needed it all, and could have done with the standard additions of cloves, nutmeg and a bit of allspice as well.

I believe I’ll have another slice. You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em come on my and try some. The next version will be made with dried apple puree and dried cranberries, about next week or so.


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