Bread with a twist

October 24, 2015

Whole wheat, with flaxseeds. Healthy r us.

Whole wheat, with flaxseeds. Healthy r us.

I monkeyed with my standard white sandwich bread recipe t’other day.

I’ve been of the opinion I probably ought to do more to ensure a somewhat healthy diet, and that would include some whole grains. So when I went to make a loaf of bread, I decided to make whole wheat instead of white.

To make whole wheat bread, one does NOT just swap the white for whole wheat flour, as I figured when I first started bread-baking. If one does, one gets the most leaden mass one can imagine. Whole wheat does NOT rise like white flour does. Instead, one subs out maybe a third or a bit more of the white flour for whole wheat, getting the benefits, while keeping enough white flour for the good gluten development and the loft.

So that’s what I did. My recipe calls for 3 3/4 cups of flour, so I used about a cup and a half of whole wheat flour. And then for good measure, I added a third of a cup of flaxseed meal.

OK, so it's a little lopsided.

OK, so it’s a little lopsided.

Took a little longer, but it rose nicely in the bowl, and was on its way to rising nicely in the pan when I had to leave. And by the time I had gotten home, it had overproofed, and was starting to droop on one end. Kind of a one-sided creature.

No matter. I baked it anyway. I use my 10-inch pan for this recipe, and since that’s more bread than I can eat before it gets stale, I cut the loaves in half and freeze half. So I guess I’ll have a short half and a tall half. I’ll just adjust sandwiches to fit.

The taste is good. Next time I may try it without the flax seed, just to see what the taste difference is. I can testify, though, that a slice with butter is just primo.

You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em come on over for a sandwich.



2 Responses to “Bread with a twist”

  1. cleavelin Says:

    Maybe I should have you bake me a loaf to take home as “payment” for picking my geek brain last week? 😉

  2. kayatthekeyboard Says:

    We might could work something out!

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