Feeling domestic, and culinary, and stuff

October 23, 2015

raincldIt’s about to be rainy, and cool, and when it gets rainy and cool, I get domestic. I’ve done a load of laundry and made a loaf of bread (well, part-way; it’s rising), been to the grocery and made myself lunch — a homemade pasta salad with homemade ranch dressing.

This is because when I went to the store, Barilla had their pastas on for a buck a box, and I stocked up. Including tri-colored rotini, because I like the look of it, and because it made me think of a pasta salad I used to love to get at a restaurant in Little Rock, and I felt like pasta salad.

When I was working on a lot of projects that required trips to Little Rock and meetings at the state Capitol complex, there used to be a nearby restaurant called Old World Pizza. I never ate pizza at Old World Pizza, but I used to go there regularly for their pasta salad. They’d bring you a dish of tri-colored rotini, some chopped deli ham, some diced cheese, and you’d put all those together, add some of their house-made ranch dressing, and off to the races you’d go.

That’s what sounded good today. I had deli ham and sliced cheddar I’d brought back from grocery shopping at the beach, where I was contemplating us making sandwiches, which we never did. I cooked half a 12-ounce box of rotini, drained it, rinsed it, and cooled it. While it was cooking, I made ranch dressing roughly along the lines of this recipe. I diced up four slices of cheddar cheese, and the ham that was left in the package. I contemplated, and decided against, adding some sweet pickle relish. Glopped on a bit of homemade ranch, and stirred it all up.

It ain’t Old World Pizza, but it ain’t bad. Not bad at all. Think it would be nice to add some grated carrots; that didn’t occur to me until after I’d finished it and saw the carrots when I was putting stuff away. Some edamame would not go amiss. Makes a nice change for lunch. And now I have lots of good ranch dressing in the fridge. This stuff lays bottled ranch in the shade, I am here to tell you.

I changed up my go-to sandwich bread recipe, which may have been a mistake, but we shall see. I subbed a cup and a half of whole wheat flour for part of the white, and added in a third of a cup of flaxseed meal. Making a conscious effort to try to get more whole grains in my diet, at least while the gluten issues seem to be in remission. I must make some bagels later today, too, as I am going to pick up my four pounds of smoked salmon I bought during the Jonesboro Community Foundation fundraiser, and one MUST have bagels and cream cheese to go with one’s smoked salmon. I’ll be breaking that down in smaller portions and freezing it, and bringing it out when I want a special treat.

I also have work-type work to do, which I may or may not get done, and an Amazing Grandchild to go pick up when he gets out of day care and keep for the weekend. Haven’t seen my boy in two weeks; I’m due!

Grocery trip today, which was to pick up stuff (Greek yogurt, chiefly) that I didn’t get yesterday because I thought I had it, was to the new natural market down the street from me. Also got some chia seeds, as I have been hankering to try chia breakfast pudding. Supposed to be such healthy stuff. But the new natural market, The Truck Patch, is Da Bomb. It’s about half as big as a Whole Foods, has a little cafe and coffee bar, and just looks like a place I’m going to love shopping. I hope it does well.

I may come up with something else to cook today. I may not. In any event, you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em stay dry and think about cooking warm things for the cool weather that’s coming.



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