Damn, it’s hot

July 29, 2015

Starfish. The things we do for our grandchildren....

Starfish. The things we do for our grandchildren….


Hot as in I have not been in the kitchen (not to mention I have been working like a madwoman, in between dealing with Amazing Grandchildren and one of their birthdays.

Note, starfish, above. Birthday party was a “beach blast,” albeit the beach was their back yard, filled with water toys, which quickly turned the back yard into a quagmire, which the guests did not mind At All. And the parents and grandparents, well, we just kept the hose handy to wash them off before they headed inside or back to their own homes.

Tomato pudding. Well, i had to try it one time.

Tomato pudding. Well, i had to try it one time.

About the only thing I’ve made, other than the starfish (which were Rice Krispy treats, folled out thin, cut out, frosted with caramel frosting-from-a-can and then dipped in graham cracker crumbs to make ’em look “sandy,” ) was a tomato pudding. Eh. It was not my absolute favorite thing I’ve ever had, in part because I used fresh mozzarella and it baked up rubbery. It’d be better with ricotta or some other kind of fresh farm cheese.

Recipe — a Lynne Rossetto Kasper special —  called for a bottom layer of bread slices; I opted to bake a thin layer of cornbread, as Child B, the gluten-intolerant one, would be in attendance. Next time, I’d leave out the bread entirely. A tomato sauce goes over the bread; I used a jar of my homemade marinara. Then a custard of eggs, milk and grated cheese goes over that. Sliced tomatoes are buried in the custard, and a layer of sliced soft cheese of some sort (the aforementioned mozzarella) placed over that. Then it’s baked.

Meh. I’ll go back to my standard tomato tart, one of which may get made today, as I have tomatoes that want using.

Also occupying the oven during the pudding-making was a roasting chicken, which still reposes in a plastic bag in the fridge. As this is determined to be a kitchen day, it will get halved, with half of it going in chicken salad and the other half in chicken and dressing, which may get baked or may go in smaller dishes in the freezer, depending on my mood. And I need to bake a loaf of bread. And work up two dozen ears of corn for freezing. And Amazing Grandchild 2, who is at my house because he’s recovering from having his fourth set of tubes put in his ears, and I need to go to Sam’s and the grocery.

Going to be a busy day. I’ll see you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em later.



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