Who’d’a thunk it?

June 24, 2015

A radish sandwich. Trust me on this.

A radish sandwich. Trust me on this.

In the realm of food, there are things that are just tremendously simple, but that just never occurred to me to put together and call it a meal or a snack.

Radishes and butter are one of those.

I mean, radishes go in salads. Or get eaten out of hand, the satisfying crunch and the peppery taste a peculiarly pleasant sensation. Slice them up and put them on a cracker smeared with butter? How…odd.

How good.

I’d seen posts about mentioning radishes and butter as a particularly delightful treat since the little jewels started coming in a few weeks ago. On my own for dinner last night, in the midst of the first real heat wave of the summer, I decided to see what the shouting was about.

The preferred method for radish/butter delivery seems to be on toast or crispbread crackers. My bread was stale, so I opted for the crispbread route. I had some I’d picked up on a whim, a seed-encrusted variety which wound up being heavily slanted to the sunflower seed side of the equation. I smeared one down with softened butter, sliced up a half-dozen radishes, and lined them up.

For good measure, I dolloped some homemade salsa in a dish, grated up a dab of Monterey Jack cheese to go with it, and grabbed a handful of corn chips. With a glass of wine, it made a most adequate dinner.

The radishes and butter were something of a revelation. The richness of the butter plays well against the peppery crispness of the radish. I won’t use the crispbread again — the seeds just overpowered the delicate combo of butter and radishes. It really wants a very neutral cracker, and I have some water crackers which ought to be just about right.

I also have some blue cheese butter that I think should go nicely with the radishes. That’s going to be the experiment du jour today.

The salsa, which I made Saturday, was pretty respectable as well. I had a couple of tomatoes that were about to go south on me, so I determined to put them to use. I diced up the tomatoes, a half-dozen cloves of confited garlic, a half an onion, and three sweet  banana peppers. Added the (raw) kernels from two ears of corn, and opened a can of black beans, rinsed them, and tossed those in.

Harvested some cilantro, some tarragon, some thyme and some oregano, along with some chives, from the herb garden, minced all that, and tossed it in. Finished it off with cumin and smoked paprika, as well as some salt and pepper.

It was pretty doggoned good salsa. Not very hot, but hot’s not my aim in salsa; I want to play up the taste of the tomatoes, and accent it with the herbs and aromatics. Once again, the tarragon-on-steroids made its presence known; I had purposely used less than I thought I’d need, but it was still pretty tarragon-ish.  The addition of some grated cheese brings some protein into the mix, and makes it a reasonable entree for a light dinner.

Today, I’m thinking about things with bacon, since Child A is not here for the smell to offend. It may be breakfast for dinner, which is something of which I’ve always been in favor.

Meanwhile, you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em go find you some radishes and make you a radish sandwich. Trust me on this. It’s good.



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