Our friend, the egg

June 3, 2015

Are these lovely things, or what?

Are these lovely things, or what?

It’s not all that often that I see a recipe that makes me think, “Dear Sweet Baby Jesus” just on the strength of the name/ingredients, but this one does it.

Fried Green Tomatoes Benedict. With pimiento cheese Hollandaise, yet. Said emotion-inducing recipe here.

And I repeat: Sweet Baby Jesus.

Know that I am going to do a weekend girls’ brunch one of these Saturdays, and make this very thing. I’m going to fiddle with the sauce, though; I refuse to use the orange powdered cheddar from the Kraft box. Actually, it occurs to me one could fry the tomatoes, and, while they’re hot, schmear ’em with some pimiento cheese, then put them on a rack in the oven to stay warm, which should have the added advantage of warming up and starting to melt the PC. Which you could have room temp to start with. That process should be helped along with the addition of a hot poached or, more likely in my case, fried, egg. Then you could just go with plain Hollandaise over the top, and if you felt like scattering a few pimientos, you could.  They’d look pretty.

You could use Smithfield ham, or any other ham of your choice, or a couple of slices of good thick country bacon, or even some good farm sausage.  Or go the pastrami route.

Soy sauce eggs. Color lightened and migrated inward through white, over a week of storage.

Soy sauce eggs. Color lightened and migrated inward through white, over a week of storage.

The recipe was enough to send me to the fridge to fetch out one of the Momofuku soy sauce eggs I made last week, to finally get around to sampling it. Because, well, I forgot about them.

These involve boiling your eggs to seven-minute doneness, which is just short of hard-boiled, and then peeling and marinating them in a mixture of soy sauce, rice vinegar and spices. Meh. They were OK. I’m not a huge boiled egg fan, unless you devil it. These were better because the whites had some flavor to them, but for something with Momofuku in front of it, I expected more. I marinated my three eggs in a soup mug, and they have little white spots where they butted up against each other and the sides of the mug.

The recipe, should you want to try them, is here.

I love eggs, especially farm eggs with their deeper yellow yolks and their eggier flavor. I love eggs in fancy and/or unexpected presentations. I love a fried egg on top of fried rice. I love a Scotch egg, if I can get quail or guinea eggs to do them with. I love carbonara and huevos rancheros, Spanish tortillas, frittatas and quiches. I love how they can go sweet (creme anglaise, pots de creme, other custards) or savory. I’ve also planned to try, almost forever, some variety of eggs in purgatory, or eggs poached and served in a spicy tomato sauce. I’m thinking in a good puttanesca sauce would be quite excellent. And while you’re thinking of variations on eggs benedict, what about atop a crab cake? With a Hollandaise remoulade?

I recently acquired Michael Ruhlman’s “Egg” cookbook, which is a fine thing, and I could happily set out to cook my way through it.

But eggs benedict with fried green tomatoes? And pimiento cheese? And bacon? I’m not seeing how life could get much better than that. Be assured that I will be trying it, soon.

You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em contemplate you some egg recipes. Meanwhile, I’m going to go make some pimiento cheese.




2 Responses to “Our friend, the egg”

  1. Kath the Cook Says:

    seem to remember you’re not a fan of poached. But for the girls brunch – do poached. the fried green tomatoes and pimento sound fabulous – but careful with putting the PC on top of fried tomatoes in oven for long, they’ll get soggy.

    here in the chez we had homemade split pea soup (from the freezer – still good) and light fried market eggplant. hamburgers on the grill tomorrow!

    best – kath the cook

  2. kayatthekeyboard Says:

    I have never poached an egg in my life. Guess I ought to try it at least once.

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