The season of excess begins

May 9, 2015

Excess, you say? Nahhhhh.....

Excess, you say? Nahhhhh…..

Of course, when is NOT the season of excess? Thanksgiving — you cook way too much, eat way too much. Ditto Christmas, New Year’s Super Bowl watch party, Easter, and on through the calendar. But the season of excess right NOW is driven by the facts that (a) I can finally get fresh veggies and I want to eat all the fresh vegetables I can cram in my fact, and (b) the season for some of these fresh veggies is really short, so I need to pig out while I can.

Thus, 3 bundles of purple asparagus at the market this morning. At 7 a.m. In the rain. Compulsive, much? Nah, not me. Lucy, however, was a wet dog, and made the car smell like same on the way home.

And yes, there WERE ripe tomatoes, two of which are residing on my counter as I type. Part of one is going in a caprese tonight.

The rest of the haul, if I can remember it, included:

  • A pork tenderloin, which is presently burbling along in the sous vide bath.
  • Another pound of sausage, while he still had it on sale. No, I haven’t cooked any of what I got last week.
  • A bundle of leaf lettuce
  • Green beans
  • Fresh eggs
  • Cucumbers
  • Strawberries
  • A couple of bars of homemade soap

And, because my name is excess and it is the season of same, I stopped by the roadside vendor later on, and got yellow squash, zucchini, sweet potatoes and a cantaloupe. Immediately after I had gotten broccoli at the grocery.

I can’t help it. I love to eat. And I do it well.

So now comes the problem of menu planning, which is exacerbated about as much by having too many choices as it is by too few. The tenderloin is cooking, and I think I’ll finish it in the oven in a honey chipotle glaze. I’ll cook some asparagus, and maybe roast some sweet potato wedges, and have a wilted lettuce salad with the radishes and green onions from last week that are still in the fridge. The green beans can cook up later with the rest of the new potatoes. Think I’ll steam some zucchini and yellow squash “pasta” and toss it with some butter and tarragon for later in the week. I got new saltines, so will try the zucchini fritters again. The broccoli will get either roasted or steamed or cut up to go in a salad. At some point, there will be more asparagus with a poached egg over it. And I’ve got an urge for arepas, as well.

We’re gonna eat well at Chez Brockwell this week, we are. Note to self: Must remember to go refill the grill gas bottle. Grilled squash and asparagus would be good. Maybe with some grilled chicken.

And I went to Kroger when I was hungry, ostensibly to get fresh mozzarella and saltines, and came out with $20 worth of cheese and olives in addition to the mozz and saltines.  After all, it’s excess season. So I had cheese and olives for lunch — ricotta salata, St. Andre, Havarti and fontina, Castelvetrano olives, which I can eat like  —  and they were quite excellent.

And now I need to get up off my lazy backside and accomplish something today.  Trying to decide if I want to bake a cake or not. I think I do. Excess, y’know.

You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em have a good rest of the weekend. Be excessive. It’s the time of year for it.


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