Bring your breakfast with you

April 27, 2015

You can doggoned near look at it and SEE the calories.

You can doggoned near look at it and SEE the calories.

I confess to being a big fan of the breakfast sandwich. A sausage and biscuit (depending on where you got it; the sausage has to be good quality!) is a fine way to start a morning. A leftover biscuit or roll is a fine vehicle for encasing a leftover slice of ham, or steak, or pretty much whatever protein you’ve got in the fridge, on the way out the door.

But some mornings, you just want to go the whole route on a breakfast sandwich. You want, by gum, an EGG. And CHEESE.

I give you the breakfast panini.

When I lived in Hot Springs, there was a coffee joint I frequented, because I could hit its drive-through on the way to work. Usually it was just my standard cafe au lait. But on the weekends, particularly if Child B was heading out with me, we’d split their breakfast panini, which was a seven-dollar breakfast sandwich but easily fed both of us.

Theirs was sourdough bread, egg, cheese, and your choice of meat — ham, sausage, bacon, or Canadian bacon.

Mine one morning last week was bread, egg, cheese and bacon. I was going to need some bits of bacon for a recipe later, and since Child A can’t abide the smell of cooking bacon, I wanted to get it done while she was gone to work. My granola bar from 6:30 having worn off, I decided on an early lunch while I was about it.

I did my bacon in the oven; it smells a little less pungent, cooks a little more evenly, and doesn’t mess up your stovetop so much. While that was happening, I sliced a couple of slices of sandwich bread off my loaf, and slathered them liberally with mayo.

Then I melted a little butter in a pan, beat an egg well, and poured it in. I let it cook until it was set, then folded it up, as if it were an omelet, but an omelet shaped like a piece of bread. Put that one one slice, and put cheese on top of it. I went with American. Sometimes, you just don’t mess with the classics.

BTW. If you don’t know the difference, look and be sure you’re buying processed American cheese, rather than processed American cheese product, at the grocery. Processed American cheese is cheddar cheese that’s whipped with water to give it a better texture and meltiness capability. Processed American cheese product has a little cheese and a lot of other stuff. Just saying. It doesn’t taste nearly as good, either.

Took up my bacon and broke up a couple of slices to fit on the sandwich. Topped it with the other slice of bread, and melted a little more butter in the skillet.

Hey. I did not say this was a low-fat breakfast. There’s a reason you don’t do this every day.

I plopped that sandwich back in there on medium low heat, and put another skillet on top of it, since my square panini press wouldn’t fit in the round pan. Grilled it to golden brown on both sides, and there you have it.

I managed to get through both halves of it, though had Child C been there I could have happily shared. As it is, I don’t think I’ll be wanting anything to eat for a while. In fact, what I really want is a nap.

It was a damn fine, greasy sandwich. It might have benefitted from a bit of preserves or something sweet, but I had no quarrel with it.  Try it the next time you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em want a splurg-ey kind of breakfast.



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