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April 20, 2015

Sunday gravy, indeed!

Sunday gravy, indeed!

It’s been a mish-mash of cookery here of late. My big project, the spring rolls, are still on their trays, covered, in the fridge, being that it was hectic enough Saturday and Sunday that I didn’t want to fry them. Hot oil + small kitchen + three toddlers was not an experiment I thought wise. I’ll fry some today, and package the rest to freeze for later.

What I did do was make a big pot of bolognese sauce and cooked a pot of penne for it to go over. I made the sauce on Friday and then stuck pot, sauce and all in the fridge Friday night. Got it out Sunday morning before church, scraped the fat off the top and ditched it, and dumped it over into the crockpot to simmer while we were at church. Came home and boiled some penne, along with some corn and rice pasta for Child B, the celiac kid, and there was dinner.

A word about this corn and rice flour pasta. I’ve tried a good many gluten free pastas — I’ve had my own issues with gluten intolerance, though I don’t think I’m full-blown celiac (although I was diagnosed as such). The Barilla brand corn and rice flour is the best I’ve found so far. Hard to tell the diff in it and regular pasta. It’ll be my go-to from now on.

The bolognese started with a big diced onion, a bunch of confited garlic cloves, a few carrots and a couple of ribs of celery, all diced up and sweated in a stock pot. Meanwhile, I browned two pounds of ground beef in a skillet with salt and pepper; once it browned, I added a can of tomato paste and a cup and a half of red wine and let that simmer. When it cooked down to pretty thick, I dumped in two cans of diced tomatoes (I MISS my home-canned tomatoes; will be glad to get some more of those and can a bunch more!) and a cup and a half of beef broth. At some point in there, I went outside and snipped a good bit of fresh thyme and oregano, stripped the leaves and chopped them up and added them. I let that simmer two or three hours on the back of the stove Friday afternoon before I turned off the heat, let it cool and refrigerated it.

It was a good, hearty sauce. Wish I had thought to add some cream when I reheated it, just to smooth out the flavors, but I didn’t hear any complaints about it. A lot of people put some chopped up chicken liver in their bolognese, but I didn’t have any around, so I didn’t; contemplated adding some chicken liver pate, but decided against that. It would have been good with a mix of pork and beef, too.

Elsewhen/where, here’s a meal one night last week, I think maybe Wednesday or Thursday. I made some fried rice because, well, I was in the notion for fried rice.

Goodies for the fried rice.

Goodies for the fried rice.

I put water chestnuts, carrots, chopped up snow peas, regular onion, green onion, ginger and garlic all in it, along with some leftover chopped up roast chicken. Made the rice the day before and refrigerated it to let it dry out — the secret to good fried rice. And then used too much oil, so it wasn’t as dry and separated as it should have been. Oh, well. Still good.

And the rice itsownself.

And the rice itsownself.

Today is refrigerator clean out day, because the fridge is Out Of Control, and trying to figure out what I need to use up quickly versus what needs to just be chunked. Also need to go get the annual herbs to plant — basil, tarragon, cilantro, parsley, chives, dill — and get them in the pots. There will be greenhouse tomatoes before long, yes there will, and that will mean it is caprese time, and I must have basil.

Plus, I have to do a little, like, real work. Hate it when that gets in the way of domesticity.

So, good Monday to you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em, and have a good busy one.



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