Midweek slump

April 15, 2015

I got nothin’, here. No cooking since the weekend; hoping to remedy that today. I’m contemplating gyoza and fried rice, just because it sounds good. Will have to cook some rice, spread it out on a plate, and stick it in the fridge to dry out if I plan to do that.

On another front, I think my drinking habits are about to undergo a major change. Back a couple of months ago, I was having some stomach problems, of which we were never able to identify the source. But they went away, so I didn’t worry about them.

Yesterday, they were back. And it occurred to me they went away shortly the beginning of Lent, during which I gave up drinking wine. Come the end of Lent, and I happily resumed my customary one or two (occasionally more) glasses of wine in the evenings. And here the tummy is riled again.


B’lieve I’ll cut out the wine again and see if they go away again. If they do, I’ll accept the correlation and give it up, at least on any kind of a regular basis.

Y’all out there, you or y’mama ‘n ’em had any problems like that?


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